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Offering Various Industrial Tools and Equipment for a Range of Applications

Compresstech Resources, Inc. has partnered with various internationally acclaimed brands to provide our clients in the Philippines with industrial tools and equipment. Aside from the different items we supply, many businesses turn to us for our range of services. We can guide you through the creation of various systems, provide you with specific components, conduct air audits, and set up preventive maintenance programs.

Compresstech Can Provide You With Industrial Tools and Equipment

Our team at Compresstech Resources, Inc. has been in the industry for more than 34 years as a leading supplier of compressed air systems, fluid handling pumps, and other industrial tools and equipment. We offer products from world-class manufacturers, including Ingersoll Rand, INMATEC, Armstrong, and more.
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Hoists and Winches

What Are Industrial Tools and Equipment?

Industrial tools are primarily mechanical, electrical, or electronic devices used to make different procedures easier. These items can be used in every stage of the production process, from designing and manufacturing to packaging and distribution.


Many manufacturers invest in industrial tools and equipment to help cut costs and boost efficiency. Similarly, other businesses own these devices to maintain their competitive edge since these products can help improve their processes or enable them to offer different services.


The purpose of industrial tools and equipment vary, depending on the kind you own. Typically found in factories, oxygen and nitrogen generators are devices that can produce a specific type of gas. On the other hand, hoists can be used to lift different cargo, while winches are used to move them horizontally. Lastly, air tools are utilized in various tasks, including painting, sanding, polishing, and other jobs requiring precision.

Which Industries Utilize Industrial Tools and Equipment?

Found in almost every sector of the economy, industrial tools and equipment are used in a wide range of applications, such as:



Companies in this sector use industrial tools and equipment to make tasks easier and accomplish projects on time. For example, their experts use machines and devices to assemble parts of buildings, houses, bridges, and other structures instead of doing everything manually.

Steel and Metal

Various businesses in the steel and metal sector utilize different industrial tools and equipment for multiple purposes, such as cutting, welding, and forming. In addition, these gadgets help enterprises save money by automating tasks that employees previously did.



Businesses in the mining industry are concerned with extracting valuable minerals from the Earth. Many of these companies use tools and equipment, such as drills, trucks, conveyors, and crushers, to improve their productivity.

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