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Compressed Air, Vacuum, Industrial Gas Products, Energy Saving Solutions and Air Tools

Compresstech offers high quality and energy efficient compressed air products and tools for any application. Our vacuum equipment, air treatment and industrial gas products are designed to withstand the environment in the Philippines to ensure smooth and continuous operation. We offer solutions that adhere to industry standards to promote energy efficiency without compromising durability and reliability.

Select from our top quality products and solutions to find industry-recognized air compressors for sale.


Rotary Compressors

Modern rotary compressors have a high output volume capability, which makes them ideal for centralized processes. This high airflow provides enough pressure to power pneumatic tools, blow debris out of the way and run any equipment that needs compressed air. And with the suitable configuration, they can power walk-in freezers, too.

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Reciprocating Compressor

Ideal for construction sites, workshops, and small factories where the air volume demand is not too high or continuous. We carry a wide selection of reciprocating compressors, piston compressors, and other pneumatic equipment to handle almost any job you might encounter. You have lots of different options to choose from when you shop with us.

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Fluid Handling Pumps

Our fluid handling pumps can pump various fluids, such as water, oil, gas, and aqueous solutions. These efficient pumps are great when it comes to mixing and transferring various chemicals. Choose from various pumps that range from diaphragm, piston, and filter-regulator-lubricator units to suit your specific needs – all FDA compliant.

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Portable Diesel Compressor

Portability at its finest! Diesel-powered compressors are ideal for professionals who require a reliable air compressor and for a handyman who needs a trustworthy partner. It is designed to last longer and can easily fit into any commercial or residential job site. Go anywhere, do anything with this portable diesel compressor – just the right choice for businesses of all kinds, from home use to construction application.

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These heavy-duty blowers are designed to work on various applications such as vacuum filtration, drying process, and even used in vehicles such as trucks. We offer dependable, durable, and efficient root blowers that provide excellent service and will give you value for your money. These machines give users maximum control with minimal effort.

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Hoist and Winches

Does your business operation requires heavy lifting (hoist) or pulling (winch)? We offer machines specially designed to solve your most challenging lifting & pulling needs of up to 100 tons. Be it for moving heavy equipment or used in cranes, we provide the right solution that’s cost-effective and will last you almost a lifetime.

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Air Tools

One-stop shop of air tools in the Philippines! Explore a wide selection of industrial-grade air tools that you can use for various applications, including grinders, drills, cutoff tools, nibblers, and more. Developed for the needs of professionals who wish to operate with ease at jobs, these tools can improve your productivity while providing high-quality results.

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Air Treatment

In need of clean air at your facility? We can provide everything you need when it comes to air treatment, from air filtration all the way to air drying. We offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of your air treatment requirements, including oil mist collection, solid particle collection, and vacuum filtration.

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Vacuum Pumps

With a wide range of applications, vacuum pumps can be used for vacuum packaging, refrigerator system, and automobile maintenance among others. We have all types of vacuum pumps designed to meet the requirements of your tasks in the industrial sector. Vacuum pumps come in several configurations that are sure to fit any industrial device.

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Piping System

No other piping system in the Philippines can compare with the superior quality of our products. We have a wide selection of air pipes and accessories for all your compressed air piping requirements. If you’re looking for leak-free pipes that minimize pressure drop to spare you from unnecessary waste of time and a high cost of labor., then look no further.

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Energy Solution

If you’re looking to reduce the overall energy cost to optimize your air system, we can help you make it happen. As you know, using a compressed air system can be difficult to manage, which may lead to inefficiency. For large jobs that demand multiple compressors, our energy solution manages your entire system, leading to higher output and reduced electric consumption.

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Lubrication System

With highly customizable applications, experience the advantage of our lubrication system. Choosing the most optimal lubrication equipment for your compressed air system depends on a range of factors. We have different models and types to ensure they will work well with your facility. It’s guaranteed to address key considerations such as maintenance and safety.

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Reciprocating Compressor

We know the value of delivering top-notch air compressors to every business in need. For large facilities that require more power, go for the high-pressure reciprocating compressor instead of the portable one. You’ll never go wrong with our line of products. With a wide variety of applications such as power plants, gas stations, and beverage manufacturing, we can offer a broad range of affordable, optimal solutions.

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Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator

As nitrogen and oxygen are the most commonly used gases in industries, we offer solutions for your gas requirements. Our nitrogen and oxygen generators use innovative technology to ensure high performance, saving you time and money in the process. It comes with user-friendly features, as well as proven to be safe to use in long durations.

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