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Serving Companies From Various Industries to the Best of Our Abilities

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Our Team of Experts

From sales to maintenance, Compresstech Resources, Inc. can provide you with comprehensive solutions for all your industrial air compressor needs in the Philippines. Rest assured that we will consult your staff during every step to ensure we are both on the same page.

Compresstech Helps Companies From Different Sectors


Energy and Power

The energy and power industry is the world's largest industrial sector, responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electric power.

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Food and Beverage

Made up of companies that produce, process, package, distribute, sell, and market a wide variety of food and drinks, this industry plays an essential role in the lives of many.

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Workers in the mining industry help us obtain natural resources used for development, including metals, coal, stone, gravel, clay, and more.

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Steel and Metal

The steel and metal industry encompasses many materials, such as aluminum, copper, lead, and zinc, used in everything—from automobiles to household appliances.

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Known as one of the largest and most profitable sectors on the market, the sugar industry helps provide sweeteners for a range of consumables.

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Concerned with the process of building structures like roads, bridges, and other physical structures, the construction industry is one of the driving forces of economic growth.

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The automotive industry is responsible for the production of automobiles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, that many people use across the globe.

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Concerned with developing, manufacturing, and marketing drugs or medicines, the pharmaceutical industry is essential for everyone to maintain or improve their health.

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With the rise of the digital age, this industry has grown exponentially as it is concerned with manufacturing electronic components, circuits, devices, and systems.

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Plastic and Packaging

The plastic and packaging industry is one of the most prominent sectors in the world because it produces large amounts of products that are essential to our daily lives.

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Whether you need a desiccant dryer or an industrial air compressor in the Philippines, feel free to reach out to our team today!