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Air Tools

Handle tasks with speed and precision with air tools that are suited

for a range of industrial applications.

About Air Tools

Find a full line of pneumatic air tools in the Philippines that adhere to the requirements of a professional. We provide air tools that work for a variety of applications, including grinders, drills, cutoff tools, nibblers, ratchet, air saw, air shears, and more!

Shop now to find industrial tools for sale that can power you through the completion of your job, fast and easy!


Model Specifications

  • Built-in power regulator
  • Maximum of 3,500 blows per minute
  • Gross weight of 3.9 pounds


Model Specifications

  • Reversible Motor with a Reverse Lever
  • Locking lever with tease throttle
  • 3/8” arbor x 2 7/8″ wheel size
  • Built-in speed regulator
  • 1/2 HP motor


Model Specifications

  • Can cut through 18 gauge sheets
  • Tool weight of 2 pounds
  • Able to hold a 1/4“ radius


Model Specifications

  • Built-in two-speed trigger
  • Delivers a maximum of 60 foot-pounds of torque
  • Rugged composite handle


Model Specifications

  • Reaches up to 10,000 strokes per minute
  • Stroke length of 3/8”
  • Inline configuration


Model Specifications

  • Positive Action Clutch, for Full Torque Throughout Rundown
  • Convenient One Handed Operation, Wit Reverse Control at Trigger
  • Variable Speed Throttle for Easy Starts
  • Compact, Lightweight and Manoeuvrable


Model Specifications

  • Cuts Squares, Angle, and Circles
  • Long Life Tool with Heavy Duty Cutting Blades
  • Shears Most Types of Plastics and All Types of Aluminium, Tin, and Steel


Model Specifications

  • Durable and Long LastingAll Ball Bearing ConstructionPositive Grip ¼” Capacity Collect ChuckSelf Locking Throttle Lever


Model Specifications

  • Construction Duty
  • Die Cast Aluminum Handle with Outside Trigger
  • Directional Exhaust
  • Available in 2”, 3”, or 4” Stroke



Model Specifications

  • Impactand Chemical Resistant Housing
  • Compact Size
  • Positive-Lock Battery
  • Ergonomically Designed Small-Handle Grip


Model Specifications

  • Vacuum Ready
  • Low Vibration
  • Produces Ultra High Quality Finish
  • DURABLE, Lightweight Composite Design



Model Specifications

  • Refrigerated Type Air Dryer, 3 degCPressure Dew Point
  • Desiccant Type Air Dryer (Heatless, Heated, Blower Purge), -40C PDP
  • Energy Efficient & Reliable Dryers
  • Efficient Air Filters, Elements, & Automatic Drains
  • Unsurpassed Local Customer Support


Model Specifications

  • Lever Style Tease Trigger with Lock Off for Easy Operation and Protection Against Accidental Start-Up
  • QUICK Change Chuck for Easy Buffing Wheel Change
  • Convenient Hanger-Keeps Tool within Easy Reach


Model Specifications

  • 360-degree rotatable spark guard, chrome-plated
  • Locking lever with tease throttle
  • 3/8” arbor x 2 7/8″ wheel size
  • Built in Speed Regulator
  • Built-in speed regulator


Model Specifications

  • Maximum Torque 3172 ft-lbs.
  • Heavy Duty
  • The Extended Anvil Makes these Tools Perfect for the Demanding World of Truck Tire Service


Model Specifications

  • Exclusive Twin Hammer Plus Impact Mechanism
  • Pressure Feed Lubrication
  • Adjustable Power Regulator
  • Contoured Handle for Comfort and Control


Model Specifications

  • No Expensive Side Rods and Springs
  • Composite Valve won’t Trust
  • Built in Lubricator
  • Backhead Conforms to Operators Leg


Model Specifications

  • To Remove Airborne Solid and Liquid Contaminants.
  • Designed to Deliver the Pressure you Need
  • Help to Ensure that Air Equipment Received Lubrication to Maintain Optimum Performance, Reduce Wear and Extend Life


Model Specifications

  • Variable speed
  • 1 HP motor with controller
  • Rear exhaust with piped-away option
  • Equipped with 5-inch abrasive wheel