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The Essential Facts to Know About Air Compressors

The Essential Facts to Know About Air Compressors

There are several ways that compressed air systems are used. Its applications include Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Manufacturing, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Hospitals/Medical, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Aerospace, Automotive and a lot more. However, to fully maximize its use, you should also understand how it works, as well as the important facts about it.

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Basic Facts About Air Compressors

1. Air Compressor Types 

Air Compressor Types

Main Types: Single-Stage and Two-Stage Compressed Air Systems 

Single-stage piston-type air compressors are commonly used at home or workshops. They use gasoline or electric motor to drive the piston and compress air before it is forced into storage tanks. 

Two-stage air compressors on the other hand use two pistons. This type of air compressor is ideal for heavy-duty applications and to power multiple tools at the same time as it is able to deliver greater air volume at higher PSI levels.

But aside from the pistons used in air compressors, there are other classifications that provide consumers with added options.

Other Types of Air Compressors:

  • Stationary air compressors are large and ideal to be placed in a workshop. They have high horsepower and large storage tanks that they can be used for extended periods without interruption.
  • Portable air compressors come with handles or wheels to allow easy handling and transport. They are ideal for light and quick applications.
  • Inflators are the smallest types of compressors, As they don’t have a storage tank, its motor is required to run continuously to supply air. Usually, this air compressor is for basic applications like the inflation of floats, tires and sports gears.
  • Gasoline-powered compressed air systems don’t require electricity to operate and usually have more horsepower as compared to electric compressors. They are ideal for outdoor use or where there is limited availability of electricity.
  • Electric compressors are the most common types of air compressors. These are low maintenance models that work quietly and comes with a ready electrical supply. They are most ideal for home or indoor use.

2. Horsepower Rating

Horsepower Rating

The HP rating of your compressed air system is an indicator of the engine’s power output. The higher the horsepower, the greater the air pressure and equals to increased capacity to store more air in the tank. This means that your system is more capable of operating air tools for a longer period.

3. CFM Rating

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and refers to the air volume that an air compressor delivers at certain PSI levels. It also helps determine the tools that your system can power. As PSI output is reduced, CFM is increased. When selecting air compressors, take note that those with higher CFM rating are more suited for heavy applications.

4. System Features

  • Thermal protection – helps protect the motor from damages caused by overloads.
  • Oil-free pump – lowers maintenance and prevents the presence of oil in the compressed air.
  • Belt-drive system – allows quiet operation of a system.
  • Adjustable exhaust – permits adjustments so the system’s exhaust nay be directed away from your work area.
  • Multiple couplers – allows multi-tasking without the need to connect and disconnect tools.

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By understanding the key facts about air compressors, selecting the right machine for you would be simpler. Stay guided to find the compressed air system that can power the air tools you need such as impact wrenches, air hammers, rotary tools, ratchets, sprayers and more.

Simplify your search for highly-dependable compressed air systems. Compresstech provides a wide range of options that can adhere to your specific requirements. We also offer full services for compressed air, tools, pumps, blowers and other related equipment in the Philippines.

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