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5 Advantages of Using a Diesel-Powered Air Compressor

5 Advantages of Using a Diesel-Powered Air Compressor

When buying a new air compressor for your business, you must choose one that meets your needs.  While electric air compressors are a popular option, it isn’t always the best choice.  For instance, a diesel-powered air compressed system would be more suitable for industries that require a portable and reliable air compressor. 

Compresstech Resources, Inc. offers high-quality diesel powered compressors from the most reliable brands. With the products we offer, you are  guaranteed convenience and dependability, just as you need it. They are also considered to be the most efficient compared to electric or gasoline-powered compressors.

Still not convinced if you should use this type of air compressor? Read on to learn about the 5 advantages of diesel-powered air compressors!


Top 5 Benefits of Diesel-Powered Air Compressor


1. High-Performance Output

If your business requires a really powerful air compressor, you cannot go wrong with diesel.

Although electric air compressors are not inadequate per se, they are equipped with a less-advanced technology that is not able to keep up with high-powered tasks.

A diesel-powered air compressor, on the other hand, can easily compress large amounts of air in a considerably short period of time. This is due to the fact that the equipment is powered with diesel, a type of fuel that is proven to be reliable and effective. It can handle a wide variety of applications such as powering air tools, manufacturing processes, and fertilizer production.

Therefore, if your business or industry requires high-performing machines, you should invest in diesel compressors. 


2. Longer Lifespan

While both electric and diesel air compressors are designed to last for years, the latter is built with durable and long-lasting materials. 

Owing to its well-designed structure and high-quality chassis, it can effectively contain the enormous power they generate.

As such, you can expect diesel-powered compressors to outlast electric ones.

Do note, though, that this type of compressor is more high-maintenance. With that said, you can rely on them for whatever tasks your business requires.


3. Easy to Carry

Another advantage of diesel-powered air compressors is the fact that they are portable. Whether you’ll need the power in the middle of the desert or forest, you can ensure that diesel compressors work fine as long as you supply it with diesel fuel. This feature is especially useful for the construction industry which usually requires power in remote areas.

Of course, some electric air compressors are also portable, but you need to plug it into a power socket for it to work. With diesel compressors, you don’t have to worry about this. You simply need diesel fuel to operate the machine.


4. Increased Employee Safety

Since diesel compressors do not require electricity, you won’t have to bother with wires sprawled along your office floor. This benefit might not seem like much, but it actually makes a difference around your workspace.

It eliminates the risk of tripping over a wire and consequently, any possible accidents or injuries that can happen anytime.

Ultimately, if you go with diesel air compressors, you can ensure your employees’ safety within the workplace.


5. Built-in Power Generator

But what if your business still requires electricity from time to time? Should you buy a separate electricity compressor on top of a diesel-powered one? The answer is no.

You’ll be pleased to know that a lot of diesel compressors today have a built-in power generator. This transforms fuel into electricity, ultimately powering tools and devices that you’ll need. For instance, you can use the generator to charge heavy equipment, air tools, or even your phone.

Overall, you can utilize your diesel compressor as a generator. This eventually saves you money in the long run, especially if you really need extra electric power.


Diesel-powered air compressors might be expensive upfront, but it comes with several advantages that are worth the money, especially if your industry requires them. So, before buying an air compressor, it’s important to assess your needs first.


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