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The Importance of Lubrication System in Your Pneumatic Equipment

The Importance of Lubrication System in Your Pneumatic Equipment

If you noticed that your machines are breaking down sooner than they should, you probably have a problem with its lubrication system.

Without the right amount of oil or grease, your pneumatic equipment would keep wearing itself down, causing your production lines to slow down or worse, come to a halt. You wouldn’t want this to happen as machine downtimes, whether as short as a few minutes or extensive up to hours, can cost your business a considerable amount of money.

Fortunately, oil-related failures of machinery can easily be prevented by using the right machine lubricants. To learn more, here are the reasons why having proper lubrication is important.


7 Reasons Why Machine Lubrication is Important


1. Reduces Friction

Lubricants can minimize friction damage between moving parts of your machinery. They are utilized for a variety of different applications, from preventing bike chains becoming rusty to keeping your air compressors up-and-running.

Without them, you’re actually putting your equipment at risk of excessive damage done by friction. However, you should also take into consideration the quality of lubricant you would be using. Be aware of the fact that low-quality lubricants don’t usually have enough barrier to reduce friction between the moving parts. It’s best to choose higher-quality lubricants to get the best results.

Tip: Lubricating your machinery once is not enough. You should regularly renew the oil or grease in your equipment to ensure they are always working at peak performance.


2. Regulates Temperature

Once metal grinds against metal, it creates a great amount of fiction which, in turn, generates heat. If this fiction continues to persist, it may lead to overheating, thus, severely damaging your machine.

Fortunately, lubricants can minimize the friction created by moving parts. Less friction created by your running equipment means that there would be less heat generated.

Overall, this not only prevents unrepairable damage to your machinery but it also keeps your employees safe. It ensures they don’t get exposed to high temperatures caused by the machine.


3. Slows Down Wear and Tear

With friction under control, you don’t have to worry about worn-out machinery parts. You can guarantee that the lubricant can prevent the grinding of metal-on-metal which is the number one cause of wear and tear.

As long as the lubricant is still in place, you can also keep your machine protected from rust and any other kind of corrosion as the slippery substance ultimately acts as a barrier.

By using the right lubricant, you’ll experience far fewer problems with your equipment.


4. Blocks Contamination

Owing to lubrication systems, there won’t be any chance that contaminants can get into your products as the metal parts are working at optimum condition.

Lubricants can also trap other kinds of impurity such as dust and grime in its fluid, thus preventing them from contaminating your products.

These are crucial in the production of all kinds of goods, especially in the food industry where businesses must meet food quality control procedures.

Tip: With that said, having lubricants in your machinery is not enough to keep away contaminants. That’s why it’s also recommended to invest in different kinds of filters such as air treatment solutions.


5. Prevents Downtime

Without using the proper lubricants, your machines are at risk of greater friction, overheating, and wear and tear which can all lead to downtime.

It’s a heavy burden to carry for any production line as nothing can happen when the machines are down. And depending on the severity of damage on your equipment, downtime can take anywhere between a few minutes and up to several hours. The longer the downtime is, the more money lost for everyone involved in the business.

Fortunately, this can easily be prevented. Just make sure you’re using the ideal lubricant to keep your machine from wearing itself down.


6. Produces More Product

Don’t let your business miss a quota or deadline because of a faulty machine! It would be frustrating if such failures lead to loss of clients and other opportunities—even more so when the problem can easily be prevented with a lubrication product.

Ensure that your equipment is working properly and generating an optimal amount of product by using proper lubrication systems. Overall, the more goods you produce, the more money you can potentially earn.


7. Saves Money

A quality lubricant does not only help you generate more money but it can also save you a lot of money in ways you didn’t expect.

Since lubricants prevent the wear and tear of equipment, you won’t need to purchase replacements for broken parts as often as you would be needed to do by not using lubrication. This is good news for any business, no matter what industry they’re in.


A faulty or rusty equipment can slow down or completely halt your production lines which increases the chance of not meeting quotas or losing opportunities. It can also compel businesses to purchase more moving parts if they tear down due to friction. So if you noticed that your machines are suffering from a lot of downtimes lately, immediately make the switch to a high-quality lubricant to avoid losing large amounts of money. 


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