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Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Minimize Air Compressor Cost

How to Minimize Air Compressor Cost

When it comes to any industry that utilizes air compressors, it is essential to minimize costs in order to maintain an efficient and steady workflow. But as it appears, there are factors that contribute to dilemmas that can halt production, damage equipment, and compromise worker safety. Hence, air compressor maintenance is a must in order to save on costs, time, and energy. 

Increase your air compressor’s efficiency by following these tips to minimize costs and boost production. 


A Guide to Minimizing Air Compressor Costs


1. Track your Air Flow


Knowing where your compressed air is used the most can tell you a lot about its consumption needs. On average, only half of compressed air does its intended purpose. The other half may be consumed by leaks, artificial demand, and other unnecessary uses. You need to be able to pinpoint where the air goes in order to maximize your air compressor’s ability. If you find that the air compressor has been used to power others such as personnel or cabinet cooling, then you may have to trade those in with a separate machine such as fans, which can save you on costs. 


2. Check for Leaks


In some cases, leaks can account for 20 to 30 percent of compressed air consumption. Leaks generally manifest due to poor maintenance. They can result in unnecessary pressure drops that cause your system to consume more energy than it should. The best way to ensure that there are no leaks in your system is constant monitoring. Spotting a leak before it gets any worse can make a difference when it comes to minimizing your costs.    


3. Keep Air Cool, Clean, and Dry


There are three criteria for compressed air that influence the performance of your machine, which is: it must be cool, dirt-free, and dry. 


Air compressors pressurize air, which makes machines prone to heating. In fact, it can go up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit because of the immense pressure it uses to function. This heat can lead to equipment damage as well as employee injury if left unattended to. Invest in an intercooler that is most suitable for your model. Cool air comes with other advantages as well. It requires less energy to compress, making it more efficient and cost-effective. 


Clean air glides smoothly through the system. When air is full of contaminants, it could contribute to the wear and tear of your air compressor. Compress air filters help keep the debris away, helping you cut maintenance costs. 


And lastly,  air needs to be dry in order to keep away the moisture. Vaporized water is present in all-natural air. And as it is, water cannot be compressed. So when water comes in contact with your machines, it becomes prone to rusting. Rust must never be present in air compressors as it deteriorates equipment as well as cause leaks, which is a safety hazard. Inadequate tools can also lead to inconsistencies in performance. Some equipment such as Water Separators and Refrigerated Air Dryers help reduce moisture with several methods to make the air dry enough for the air compressor to function. 


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4. Maintain and Observe Performance


Air compressor maintenance is key to minimizing production and energy cost. By coming up with a monitoring system, you can make sure that everything is in top shape. Keeping an eye out for leaks can help you spot them faster. Staying alert for moisture will prevent equipment from rusting. And keeping track of your daily energy use makes things easier to track your costs and find a way to keep it low.   


5. Know Your Equipment


Consider the size and power of your air compressors. It is a waste to continuously use the wrong machine for the wrong tool. Make sure you know the capabilities of each and every one of your compressors to maximize its use. Know their psi, their initial use, and their power source (electric or oil). Do not push any air compressor to its limit.


Lower your costs with these simple reminders that help you understand why maintenance matters most to production. Remember that in order to keep a steady pace at work, your machines, especially your air compressors, need to be kept clean, sturdy, and always ready for duty.  


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