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9 Essential Compressed Air Tools for Your Automotive Shop


If you are planning to put up an automotive shop or if you already have one, there is a list of quality tools that will not only uncomplicate your tasks but will also produce quality results that will play to your advantage. What are these? Compressed air tools.

Today, there is an air-powered version of just about any automotive tool out there. This fact is not at all surprising. Thanks to the numerous benefits an air tool offers: it gets more work done faster and more accurate. Not to mention, it’s even less expensive and lighter in weight when compared to any other electric or battery-powered tools.

Of course, there are a lot more reasons to invest in air tools. To give you some useful ideas,  here are some of the essential compressed air tools you should consider to improve your automotive service.

Essential Compressed Air Tools for Automotive Services

1. Air Compressor
In order to utilize air tools, you have to invest in an air compressor – one tool that serves a wide variety of purposes. In general, it supplies power to a number of tools used for automotive works such as sanders, grinders, paint sprayers, ratchets, nail guns and a lot more. The versatility of an air compressor along with its cost-effectiveness makes it an essential whether you are a DIY mechanic or an auto shop owner.

2. Air Drill
Air drills have a few distinct advantages and one of it is the fact that it can bore holes without overheating. Therefore, it’s suitable even for heavy duty drilling jobs.

3. Air Hammer
An air hammer comes with many useful ends. If you need to free up any stubborn parts, a hammer does just that. Spray a rusted fastener with penetrating oil and slap it with a hammer and watch it tear apart.

4. Air Nailer
This tool changes how you install carpeting, roofing or siding. Air nailers can get these jobs done in a fraction of the time a manual nailer would.

A. Brad Nailer

Brad nails are thin nails that are almost invisible when installed. This characteristic is also what makes it difficult to drive in manually so a nailer is a must for the job.

B. Roofing Nailer

This nailer is ideal for shingles. It fires large-headed nails that grab and clamp down shingles. It’s one of the most valuable tools to invest for.

5.  Air Die Grinder
An air die grinder comes in handy whenever you need to get a honing, sanding or polishing job done. Pair it with different heads and attachments and you transform it into a versatile tool.

6.  Air Cut-Off Tool
This is practically important for any metalwork. When buying an air cutting tool, you should also consider pairing it with a set of different disc-shaped heads that cut through various materials.

7.  Air Stapler
Instead of nails, an air stapler shoots staples – saving your hands from the tough job. If your job regularly requires a lot of stapling, then you should invest in one of these.

8. Air Sander
An air sander beats an electric-operated version in many ways: it’s conveniently smaller and safer in flammable and combustible environment and is even equipped for heavy duty sanding work.

9. Air Wrenches
An iconic tool, air wrench can remove a wheel three times faster than a traditional lug wrench. To say, you can service as much as three wheels within the time it would take you to finish one with a hand model.

A.  Air Impact Wrench

An air impact wrench is intended for delivering high torque output with only minimal exertion. One of the most compact tools available, it is more suitable when you’re working in confined spaces.

B. Air Ratchet Wrench

A manual ratchet does the job, however, an air ratchet wrench dramatically does everything faster and more efficient. Plus, it also allows you to fit into tighter spots where an air impact wrench can’t.

While these are among the tools that we feel are essential for your automotive shop, it still depends on the type of job you are specializing in. Pressure spray guns, airbrushes, air scrapers, inflator gauges are also considered necessary for many.

Your Best Bets on Compressed Air Tools

Air tools are guaranteed to deliver efficient results than their manual and electric counterparts. For your best options on compressed air tools, Compresstech Resources Inc. has a wide range of quality air tools to offer. Check our products here.

Did you find this article helpful? Which tools are you more likely to invest in? Let us know in the comments!