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In Need of New Electric Winches for Your Company? We Can Help!

Winches are among the most widely used tools in every industry. They are primarily needed to haul heavy objects across the floor or a body of water, so they are extremely helpful when transporting various goods in crates or boxes. If you’re looking for winches, it’s advisable to buy electric models because they are easier to operate.

Get Electric Winches From Compresstech

Compresstech Resources, Inc. is your one-stop shop for different industrial machines and equipment. We offer high-quality electric winches from trusted brands, particularly Ingersoll-Rand and Henan Seven Industry. If you wish to learn more about the products we offer, feel free to get in touch with us!
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How Electric Winches Are Different From Other Models

The first winches were popularized over a millennium ago, and since there wasn’t any electricity back then, people operated these tools manually. The devices they used had cranks that could be rotated using muscle power to pull various objects, such as large rocks and logs. Manual winches are still available today, and they are still used in different industries that don’t require heavy-duty lifting.

Electric winches are now available, too, and they are applicable for moving extremely large and heavy loads. Hydraulic and pneumatic winches are also on the market, but many people still favor electric winches because they are easier to operate and maintain. They simply require an electric connection through a power outlet, and they don’t need a separate machine to power them up.

There are also battery-operated electric winches that are typically portable and lightweight, so they can be attached to cars and trucks. In most cases, this type of electric winch is connected to the vehicle’s battery to get the electric power it needs.

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Model Specifications

  • Capacity up to 45,600 lbs (20,727 kg)
  • Meet or Exceed North American ANSI/ASME B30.7 Standards
  • Pulling Applications (EP) and Lifting Applications (EL)
  • Winch Motors (TEFC) are High Torque Design, rated for Continuous Duty
  • Variable Mounting Configurations

What Should You Consider When Buying Electric Winches?

Are you planning to purchase a new electric winch for your company in the Philippines? Be sure to consider the following specifications:

Materials Used

It’s a good idea to check the materials used in the electric winch you’re planning to purchase. Industry-grade tools are typically made of high-quality metals to ensure they won’t get broken or damaged, even with consistent heavy-duty applications. They will also last for many years, even with minimal maintenance.


The device’s brand is another factor you should consider. Well-known manufacturers, like Ingersoll-Rand and Henan Seven Industry, have been in the business for many years. Given their experience in the industry, you can expect them to have the knowledge and technology to create top-of-the-line electric winches. They also have a reputation to maintain, so they only make the highest-quality products.

Type of Chain

There are many kinds of chains commonly used for electric winches. Stainless steel is among the most common options because it doesn’t rust even when exposed to moisture and water. If you don’t like chains, you can opt for steel cables instead. They are extremely durable, so you can expect they won’t get damaged easily.

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