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Providing You With Hoists and Winches in the Philippines

Industrial facilities and manufacturing plants handle a lot of heavy loads every day.
When loading these massive objects into freight ships and trucks, hoists and winches
are needed. These tools are specially designed to lift and pull cargo from one place
to another without employees needing to exert too much energy.

Get Hoists and Winches From Compresstech

Compresstech Resources, Inc. is a reliable supplier of high-quality hoists and winches in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of products—
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How Hoists and Winches Work

Many people use the terms “hoists” and “winches” interchangeably because of their similar appearance and function. However, there’s a distinct difference
between the two devices. Hoists are primarily used to lift cargo, while winches are needed to haul heavy items sideward.
Although hoists and winches have different purposes, the way they work is almost the same. Pneumatic hoists and winches, for instance, use compressed air
to pull the chain upward or sideward. Meanwhile, electric hoists and winches require electricity to power the motor that will lift or haul a heavy item. Manual
hoists and winches are also available on the market. These require human power, so they are mostly used to pull lighter loads.

What Are the Applications of Hoists and Winches?

Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities in the Philippines use
hoists and winches for a wide range of applications. Here are a few
examples of their common uses:

Loading Freight Ships and Trucks

One of the main applications of hoists and winches is loading heavy
cargo into lorries or freighters. Winches will first be needed to pull the
items near the transport vehicle. A hoist will then be used to lift the loads
and place them properly in ships or trucks.

Transporting Heavy Equipment

Inside manufacturing plants, there are pieces of equipment that might
need to be moved from one place to another within the facility. Winches will be needed in this case.

These devices will be used to pull the machines toward their new location.

Lifting Construction Materials

When constructing mid- to high-rise buildings, workers cannot simply
carry heavy items up to higher floors. They need hoists to do that.
The device will be mounted to a wall and used to pull up buckets of
cement, loads of bricks, and other construction materials.

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