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Need to Separate Oxygen Particles From Ambient Air? Our Powerful Generators Can Help

Oxygen generators separate oxygen from the air to produce a pure gas that will be used for different industrial processes or stored in pressure tanks for later use. Since normal ambient air is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other trace gases, you would require a top-quality machine to ensure you have a safe supply of concentrated oxygen.

Get Oxygen Generators From Compresstech

Compresstech Resources, Inc. can provide industrial-grade oxygen generators that suit your needs and preferences. You can also turn to us for air compressors, vacuum pumps, lubrication equipment, and more. We are dedicated to selling the highest-quality items, so we only source products made by some of the best brands in the industry.
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How Oxygen Generators Work

Oxygen is an essential component of the air we breathe, and without it, life on Earth would not exist. Aside from this, it is used by various companies to create specific products and provide different services. There are different types of oxygen generators currently on the market. Although they can all produce similar outputs, each one works differently from the other. It is important to keep in mind, though, that they are all effective in creating this type of gas.

First off, pressure swing adsorption oxygen generators separate oxygen from ambient air inside a tank filled with Zeolite, a man-made mineral that functions as a molecular sieve. On the other hand, membrane oxygen generators pass a compressed air stream through semi-permeable materials that allow only the passage of specific molecules. Lastly, chemical oxygen generators usually contain inorganic salts called superoxides or sodium chlorate. These substances are then ignited to give off oxygen.

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What Are the Applications of Oxygen Generators?

Oxygen generators are used in various industries and have a wide range of applications, including:


Chemical Oxidation

This process usually occurs when a substance is reactive toward an oxidizing agent. Chemically, this response can be seen as a form of combustion where the oxidizing agent combines with the material to produce water and other substances, such as carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide. It is most commonly seen in wastewater treatment plants as it helps lower the toxicity of specific materials.

Glass Manufacturing

Commonly used to enhance combustion, oxygen plays a vital role in the glass manufacturing industry. Many companies invest in generators that produce this gaseous substance to improve furnace efficiency, increase flame temperatures, reduce energy costs, and boost glass quality. Some even utilize these machines for glass blowing purposes, helping them achieve different shapes for their manufactured containers.



On-site oxygen generators are suited to various mining applications. The gas these machines produce increases metal recovery, removes nitrogen in the air, boosts diluted oxygen in stirred tank reactors, and more. Overall, these pieces of equipment can help improve productivity and minimize energy consumption.

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