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Piston Pumps: Here To Help You Effectively Transfer Compressed Liquids or Gases

Piston pumps in the Philippines are a type of positive displacement pump used to transfer liquids or gases. These machines use the engine’s energy to create movement in the substance, which is then transported through a series of valves and pistons. Overall, they work by reversing the direction of the flow, which creates suction at one end and discharge at the other.

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Oilless Piston Pumps

How Piston Pumps Work

There are different types of piston pumps on the market, and each one functions differently. One of the most common kinds is axial pumps, also referred to as propeller pumps due to their distinct design. These machines are ideal if you need to produce high flows of fluid. Another example would be inline axial piston pumps, which are best for those who want to manage high flows of liquid.

However, if you need equipment with more rotary capability than an inline axial piston pump, you can opt for a bent axis model. This hydraulic machine has greater flexibility as it can bend up to 20 degrees more, allowing it to spin at faster rates. Lastly, radial piston pumps push the flow of the fluid outward, effectively distributing energy to different fluid systems. These types can create large amounts of pressure, making them highly reliable for large-scale projects.

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What Are the Applications of Air Piping Systems?

Piston pumps in the Philippines are powerful machines with a range of applications, such as:


Irrigation Systems

Piston pumps are widely used in irrigation systems across the globe because they can transfer large quantities of water at high pressure and with minimal energy consumption. They effectively move fluid from the main reservoir to various plant roots by means of a reciprocating or rotary motion.

Wastewater Treatment

Vital to various wastewater treatment plants, piston pumps are used to move fluids through a series of pipes. These machines are often driven by compressed air or steam and can be used for various applications such as pumping sewage, sludge, or other liquid wastes through a pipe network.


Oil Production

Also known as a key component in oil production, piston pumps use a reciprocating motion to increase pressure in a liquid by compressing it and then releasing it through a valve at high speed. They are essential since oil needs to be compressed so it can be safely transported to another location.

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