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Efficiently Supply Oil to Various Lubrication Points Using Our Powerful Pumps

Lubrication pumps in the Philippines are used to transfer lubricating oil from a reservoir to the moving parts of an engine. They are typically found in two places: in the crankcase and at the front of the cylinder head. Furthermore, they are often used in conjunction with filters, which collect large particles in the oil before it enters a lubrication pump.

Get Lubrication Pumps From Compresstech

Over the years, Compresstech Resources, Inc. has become one of the most reliable suppliers of energy-efficient compressed air systems. More than this, however, we have provided our clients with air tools, hoists, winches, and lubrication pumps in the Philippines. Rest easy knowing that it is our goal as an industry leader to consistently provide you with energy-saving solutions that will help boost your company’s productivity.
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How Lubrication Pumps Work

To keep your equipment running smoothly, lubrication pumps feed lubricant from the reservoir into the tubing of your automatic centralized system. Whenever the machine is in use, the manometric pressures need to be high enough to compensate for pressure drops in different components. This includes tubing, filters, valves, distributors, and friction points.


There are different types of lubrication pumps in the Philippines that you can get, and each one works differently than the other. This is mainly because of different criteria, including the system and drive type, the principle of operation, pump design, the lubricant used, pressure and temperature ranges, and quantity handled. Despite this, they all work using the same essential components: the pump, reservoir, hoses, and fittings. You can also invest in other accessories to enhance your machine’s performance, such as metering devices, controllers, and pressure gauges.

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What Are the Applications of Lubrication Pumps?

Lubrication pumps in the Philippines can be used for a range of applications, such as:


Cement Industry Single-Line Systems

As the name suggests, these systems deliver a substance to a target component using a single supply line. Companies in the cement industry use a central pump station that automatically sends lubricant to metering devices. Though it varies for each project, they can support up to 100 lubrication points and line lengths of up to 30 meters.

Hydro Turbine Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

To ensure centralized lubrication, engineers create simple designs that require very little maintenance for hydro turbines. These systems are fitted on a machine and connected to different lubrication points using welded or seamless steel tubes, rubber hoses, and compression-type fittings and clamps.


Small Oil Circulation Systems

Also called lube skids, circulating oil systems provide a continuous flow of lubricant to bearings, gearboxes, and blowers. They are essential to machinery used to pump stormwater, extract oil, circulate fresh air into mines, power ships, test military equipment, and manufacture paper and chemicals.

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