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Easily Transfer Different Substances Using Our Industrial Pumps

Industrial pumps are used for heavy-duty applications where one needs to transfer fluids and gases from one container to another. They are necessary for different industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical processing, and construction. Some of the substances they can handle include water, chemicals, oil, petroleum, and sludges.

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With more than 34 years of experience in the industry, Compresstech Resources, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with products of the greatest quality and ensuring operations of the highest efficiency. Not only do we offer air compressors and industrial pumps, but we can also service your machines. We have you covered, whether you need design and consultation or repair and overhaul.
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How Industrial Pumps Work

The way your industrial pump works depends on the model you have. For example, fluid handling pumps are mechanical devices that add energy to different substances, increasing their flow rate and static pressure. These machines can either be classified as positive displacement or dynamic pumps.
On the other hand, vacuum pumps generate a partial or low-pressure vacuum by pushing gas or air molecules out of a sealed chamber. These devices can be categorized into positive displacement or entrapment pumps. Lastly, a lubrication system helps reduce the friction between the moving parts of a compressor and expels the heat created. It has a crankcase sump, pressure pump, strainer, filter, and cylinder lubricator that works alongside each other to deliver the lubricating oil to the needed components of the machine.
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What Are the Applications of Industrial Pumps?

Invest in industrial pumps today if you require them for any of the following applications:


Large-Volume Fluid Management

Industrial pumps are used in large-volume fluid management because they offer many advantages over other methods. For example, they can pump a lot of fluid at once, making them perfect for high-pressure jobs like oil extraction.

Chemical Processing

Since they provide a continuous flow of fluids to different parts of the chemical plant or process, industrial pumps play a vital role in many industries. They even help maintain constant pressure during these processes, which is essential for safety reasons.


Pressurizing Fluid

Industrial pumps are used for pressurizing fluid to sustain the needs of various industries. In wastewater treatment plants, these devices siphon flows from lower to higher elevations, allowing continuous treatment through unit processes.

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