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Require Constant Airflow Throughout Your Facility? Invest in Affordable Roots Blowers

Also known as positive displacement blowers, roots blowers are the industry standard for vacuum pumps and twin-lobe rotary positive displacement blowers. These machines have a compact, sturdy design engineered for extended use and maximum reliability. There are even models where the latest technology has been incorporated to reduce noise and vibration drastically.

Get Roots Blowers From Compresstech

Compresstech Resources, Inc. takes pride in being a leading supplier of roots blowers in the Philippines. Aside from having a variety of product sizes and configurations to meet your needs, we offer powerful and energy-efficient positive displacement blowers designed for various applications. Trust that our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.
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How Roots Blowers Work

Roots blowers are oil-free and air-cooled technology with rotors spinning in opposite directions. Nowadays, there are different kinds available on the market, namely twin-lobe, tri-lobe, and four-lobe roots blowers. Each one has a different use, so it would be best to take into account what kind of output you want to achieve.

One can say that each type operates by pumping fluid using meshing lobes that closely resemble stretched gears. Once the compression chamber comes in contact with the outlet port, compressed air flows back into the housing from the pressure side. Since further compression occurs as the volume of the chamber further decreases with continued rotation, compression takes place against full counter-pressure. This results in low efficiency and a relatively high noise level, making the machine ideal for applications requiring very low pressure and single-stage compression.

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What Are the Applications of Roots Blowers?

Roots blowers can be used in a variety of industries. They are commonly found in manufacturing facilities and processing plants, where they are used for the following:


Wastewater Treatment

Roots blowers are used to create a vortex that moves the wastewater through the system. They can be fitted with an impeller, a rotating device that pushes water and solids in one direction. The impeller is located in the center of roots blowers and spins to move water in the desired direction. In addition, these machines are sometimes used for grit tank cleaning, filter flushing, and backwashing.

Soil Remediation

The remediation of soil is done by cleaning up spills from vehicles that transport petroleum products and industrial solvents. In many cases, it involves the extraction of highly volatile organic compounds like hydrocarbons and solvents. Roots blowers are used for this process because they can help evaporate these substances by moving large quantities of air through the contaminated soil. Afterward, the polluted air is processed so it can be safely exhausted into the atmosphere.


Pneumatic Conveying

Oil-free roots blowers are utilized by food processing and pharmaceutical companies to supply air throughout their manufacturing procedures. These machines help transfer powder and granular materials, ensuring little to no product waste. Additionally, these facilities often have wastewater treatment systems, as well, to process the materials used during production.

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