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Providing Top-of-the-Line Industrial Blowers in the Philippines

Used by many companies across a range of sectors in the Philippines, compressed air blowers are machines that mainly supply an ample amount of airflow for different applications. They can be classified into two main types: centrifugal blowers can produce high gas pressures, while axial blowers generate high airflow rates at low pressures.

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Over the years, our team at Compresstech Resources, Inc. has provided our clients with reliable and energy-efficient compressed air systems. Some of the other products we offer include industrial blowers, lubrication equipment, hoists, winches, and air tools. We pay attention to our partners’ needs and preferences to provide them with tailored solutions.
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How Industrial Blowers Work

Compressed air blowers in the Philippines have different inner machinations depending on the type you get. If you have a centrifugal blower, based on its name, you can expect your machine to use centrifugal force created by a rotating disk. It also has a rotating impeller to move air first radially outwards and then tangentially away from the blade tips. The speed of the gas increases as the air reaches the ends of the blades before being converted into pressure.
However, for those with axial blowers, your machine will utilize axial forces to spin a central hub with blades that extend radially from its outer diameter. The air is then pressurized by the aerodynamic lift generated by the fan blades. Compared to other models, these contraptions have less rotating mass and are much smaller.
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What Are the Applications of Industrial Blowers?

Here are some of the most common applications of compressed air blowers in the Philippines:


Filtration and Suction

Industrial blowers are often used as part of a vacuum system. This system includes an industrial vacuum pump, filters, and sometimes even an aspirator to extract liquids from surfaces before they become airborne.

Cooling and Refrigeration

Known as a crucial piece of machinery in industrial cooling and refrigeration, industrial blowers are needed to bring air temperature down before circulating the gas through a building or structure. They are also used for dehumidifying, drying, and ventilating.


Fresh Air Supply and Ventilation

Industrial blowers are used to provide fresh air supply and ventilation in indoor work environments. They can be used in places like factories, warehouses, and other settings where the environment may not be suitable for human work.

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