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Carry Out Various Tasks With the Help of Our Industrial Pumps and Blowers

Over the years, Compresstech Resources, Inc. has worked with various companies.
We have provided our clients with reliable, energy-efficient compressed air
systems for various industrial applications. On top of this, we offer various services,
including sales, overall maintenance, design and consultation, and air audit services.

Compresstech Can Provide You With Industrial Pumps and Blowers

At Compresstech, we have supplied our clients from varying industries with industrial pumps and blowers, air tools, lubrication equipment, and more. All our machines can be used for different applications, and with proper maintenance and usage, each unit can last for years.


Industrial Pumps

What Are Industrial Pumps and Blowers?

Industrial pumps are used to transfer substances from one tank or container to another. These devices pump fluid or gas from a higher-pressure source to a lower-pressure destination, which is why they are often seen around mines or oil wells. In addition, they can be powered by electricity, steam, or gas.
On the other hand, industrial blowers are typically powered by an electric motor connected to a rotating shaft by a belt or chain. The power source is then transferred to the motor through an air-driven impeller, which creates a high-velocity airflow used to move the material being blown away from the machine.
Both industrial pumps and blowers are used to move fluids and gases. They are often used in various locations, such as water treatment plants, chemical factories, oil refineries, and paper mills. Furthermore, industrial pumps and blowers can be found in many types of equipment, including steam turbines, compressors, centrifugal pumps, turbomachinery, and others.

Which Industries Utilize Industrial Pumps and Blowers?

Industrial pumps and blowers are used for different tasks in a variety of
industries, including:

Plastic and Packaging

Pumps and blowers are essential parts of any plastic manufacturing plant
as they help move raw material around the facility. They also create enough pressure for different processes, such as injection molding.


Often used to provide airflow for ventilation systems, industrial pumps and
blowers are typically used in mining operations as they can be placed
anywhere and are relatively easy to maintain. These machines can also
be utilized to create air for blasting, dust control, or dust suppression systems.

Steel and Metal

The steel and metal industry has used industrial pumps and blowers for
decades to keep their factories running efficiently. Companies in this
sector use these devices to cool down hot steel or molten metal in a
furnace or circulate water or oil through pipes or conveyors.

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