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Helping You With All Your Compressed Air Dryer Needs in the Philippines

Compressed air can contain moisture, which could reach your machine’s dew point temperature and condense into a harmful liquid. To avoid contaminating your products or damaging your system, you can invest in dryers. These machines will remove excess moisture from gas outputs and ensure that everything works optimally.

Get Compressed Air Dryers From Compresstech

To ensure that the energy-efficient compressors you get from Compresstech Resources, Inc. are working well, we recommend investing in compressed air dryers in the Philippines. We have been in the industry for more than 34 years, and our team is confident that you can maintain the quality of your output constantly with the help of this air treatment device.
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How Compressed Air Dryers Works

Ultimately, how your dryer protects your compressed air from excess moisture depends on what type you have. Refrigerated dryers utilize one or more heat exchangers to cool down the gas, condense the bulk of the water, and remove the liquid using a separator. On the other hand, a desiccant dryer uses material such as activated alumina to adsorb moisture from compressed air. Both machines help get the job done, but choosing one ultimately depends on what output you’re trying to achieve.

Although these two types are the most common, there are other models created for specific applications. For example, if you work with dangerous gases or liquids like benzene, you can opt for specialty gas and liquid dryers to safely remove moisture from specific products. If you work in an area that does not have reliable electricity, you can purchase a membrane or deliquescent dryer since these machines rely on different energy to function.

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What Are the Applications of Compressed Air Dryers?

Compressed air dryers play an essential role in any system. Here are just a few things they do that highlight their importance:


Removes Water Contamination

In industries that utilize high-purity compressed air, water contamination can cause serious problems. For example, if you have a food manufacturing company and your gas contains excess moisture and other impurities, you risk the quality of your products as well as the health of your customers.

Prevents Water Buildup

Compressing air often causes diffused water vapor to precipitate. When gas, at this state, is supplied to downstream equipment, there is a risk of water buildup in smaller cavities or depressions within your system. This can cause problems later on since the excess fluid can affect the operation of sensitive technologies, including measuring and monitoring devices.


Abates Corrosion

The presence of water inside your equipment can cause corrosion on steel surfaces, such as pipes, tanks, vessels, drums, and more. As a result, the buildup of rust can slow down your system’s operation and possibly lead to product or process stream contamination. If not prevented early on, you may be forced to shell out more money and invest in a brand-new air compressor.

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