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Your Trusted Provider of Quality Air Piping Systems in the Philippines

Compressed air piping systems are necessary if you want to distribute compressed air into other pieces of equipment. These pipes are specially designed to transport compressed air with minimal pressure drop, so they’re extremely helpful in powering other machines.

Get Air Piping Systems From Compresstech

Are you looking for a company to supply you with compressed air piping systems in the Philippines? Compresstech Resources, Inc. is here to help! You can partner with us if you wish to purchase air compressor accessories for your company.
Our team is dedicated to providing only the best and highest-quality products to our clients. You can rest assured that the air piping systems you can get from us will be sturdy enough to last for many years with proper maintenance.
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Air Piping System Parts

Model Specifications

  • Anodized Aluminum Pipe for Compressed Air
  • Lightweight & Corrosion-Free
  • Quick Installation & Easy to Upgrade
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Pipe Sizes 25mm to 150mm


Air Piping System Installation

Model Specifications

  • Design and Install
  • State Of The Art Compressed Air Transmission
  • Leak-Free Means Energy Savings
  • Corrosion Resistant / Best Air Quality
  • Superior Look & Easily Upgradable


Air Piping System Accessories

Model Specifications

  • Complete with pipe connectors
  • 45 / 95 Elbow
  • Straight Tee & Reducing Tee
  • Valves
  • Flanges, hoses, etc

How Air Piping Systems Work

It’s easy to understand how air piping systems work. First, the pipes need to be properly connected to the air compressor. When the machine is switched on, the compressed air it produces will travel through the tubes and be delivered to another location.
When talking about air pipes, there are two options to choose from. Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive, but it gets damaged easily due to wear and tear and other factors. There are metal pipes you can use, too. Stainless steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, and copper are among the most common choices. They can be pretty expensive, but you can rest assured they’re durable and long-lasting.
Keep in mind that it’s natural to lose some of the air pressure and volume during transport. If there’s too much volume and pressure drop, there might be a leak in your piping system. Be sure to get in touch with a technician right away to have it fixed.

What Are the Applications of Air Piping Systems?

Compresstech Resources, Inc. offers compressed air piping systems to companies in the Philippines. If you wish to invest in them, here are some of the things they can help you achieve:


Power More Tools

Some air compressors can be quite bulky and heavy, so you can’t move them around from one point to another. Air piping systems can help you use your compressors to power up tools that are far from your machine.

Save Energy and Time

Another advantage of air piping systems is that they allow you to power multiple tools at once. This helps you save energy and time while preventing your employees from incurring idle hours in the workplace.


Reduce Operational Expenses

If you need to power different pieces of equipment, you don’t need to purchase more air compressors. You can simply install excellent air piping systems in your facility to deliver compressed air to your machines all at once.

Talk to Our Experts

Compresstech Resources, Inc. is your trusted supplier of compressed air piping systems in the Philippines. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products and services.