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Portable Diesel Compressor

Highly-dependable portable diesel compressors that
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Portable diesel compressors can force atmospheric air under pressure to create potential energy. Unlike their other traditional counterparts, these machines have longer life spans, can be equipped with power generators, and are incredibly mobile. They have a central lifting point to make them easy to load onto trucks and a readily accessible engine compartment. However, it is important to note that an increase in operating temperatures can cause a multitude of issues for your device. This is why you need to manage the heat within your facility well.

Get Portable Diesel Compressors from Compresstech

Turn to none other than Compresstech Resources, Inc. for top-of-the-line portable diesel compressors. We are a company backed by professionalism, integrity, and technical excellence. Over the years, our team has worked with numerous companies across various industries, including energy and power, mining, construction, and food and beverage.

How Portable Diesel Compressors Works

Portable diesel compressors have an engine, an intake manifold, and a cylinder with pistons in it. The pistons are connected to valves that open and close at different times during the cycle, allowing the compressed air to be stored in a tank. These large machines can produce high levels of cubic feet per minute (cfm) and pounds per square inch (psi), ranging from 100 cfm to 400 cfm and 100 psi to 230 psi. Furthermore, portable diesel compressors have high-efficiency gears that help them achieve large air volume. Their large wheels and highly durable compressor oil make them ideal for effortless movement on-site. Plus, in case the oil or cooling water leaks from the frame, the machine’s oil fence prevents the liquid from flowing outside.
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Model Specifications

  • Diesel-Engine Air Compressor
  • Proven Reliability and Performance
  • Wide Range of Model
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Low Noise
  • Low Emission
  • Excellent Fuel Consumption
  • Excellent Performance
  • Suitable for Spraying, Well Drilling and Natural Resources Explorations

What Are the Applications of Portable Diesel Compressors

Numerous companies currently use portable diesel compressors due to their efficiency and durability.
Some of their more common applications are:

Backup Solutions

It is best to be prepared for any circumstance. When your central air compressor is being repaired, a portable diesel compressor is convenient as an efficient backup solution. You won’t have to worry about halting operations and readjusting your production schedule to adjust to any delays by investing in one.

Backup Solutions

Since these machines are on wheels, they can easily be transferred from one area to another. They can often be found on construction sites since these pieces of equipment can be used to power all kinds of heavy tools. Furthermore, despite their smaller size than stationary compressors, they can still provide you with large amounts of pressurized air.


Portable diesel compressors are often used when professionals are repairing roads. Due to their ability to be attached to automobiles, these machines can easily be wheeled to another area in just a few minutes. Furthermore, their powder-coated steel construction, stainless steel hardware, and corrosion-proof air intakes make them ideal for harsher conditions.

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