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Invest in an Efficient Generator That Can Provide You With Pure Nitrogen

Nitrogen generators can be used with or without air compressor systems. These machines have the ability to separate nitrogen molecules from other gaseous substances. Although it depends on the kind you get, some models can provide purities of up to 99.85% and a flow of up to 220 L/min (or 7.70 CFM).

Get Nitrogen Generators From Compresstech

At Compresstech Resources, Inc., we are dedicated to making sure that you have top-of-the-line nitrogen generators at the best prices. Aside from these machines, we offer other products that are ideal for a range of industrial applications. You can turn to us if you need air compressors, fluid handling pumps, air tools, hoists, and winches along with your generator.
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Model Specifications

  • Made In Germany
  • Nitrogen Generation Up To 99.9999% N2 Purity
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology
  • With Multilingual User Friendly Touch Control Panel
  • Remote Control Via PC or iPad
  • Long Term Data Storage

How Nitrogen Generators Work

Nitrogen generators are a type of gas compression system that produces nitrogen, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic gas. This inert gas has several uses for industrial applications as it provides the necessary pressure for different processes and helps clean and purify various substances. By compressing ambient air and removing additional molecules like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, these machines can create nitrogen gas with a high percentage purity.


You can get two main types of nitrogen generators: membrane and pressure swing adsorption. Often used in industrial settings, these machines purify the air using varying filters. The former operates by using selective permeability, where each “straw” in the membrane system allows different levels of gas permeation. On the other hand, the latter utilizes a carbon molecular sieve to separate the different gas molecules. Both are great at what they do, but the determining factor on which model you should get depends on what you need the machine for.

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What Are the Applications of Nitrogen Generators?

Nitrogen generators are used for many purposes, including:


Food Production

Many companies utilize nitrogen gas to process and package different food items safely. This gas enables manufacturers to maintain the freshness of their products for a longer time without compromising food product quality and taste. Aside from this, nitrogen generators can be used during food storage as well as pest control in different facilities.

Medical Equipment Sterilization

Nitrogen dioxide sterilization has been cleared as another option for companies facing challenges with conventional sterilization methods, such as ethylene dioxide and gamma radiation. Companies that produce medical products, like prefilled syringes, drug-delivery systems, and other medical devices, now have another option to ensure that each step of their process is free from bacteria and other living microorganisms.


Pressure Testing

In the oil and gas industry, nitrogen generators are often used for pressure testing. Dry nitrogen is utilized to achieve the pressures required for the different tests because this gaseous substance is inert. Since oxygen reacts violently with oil and may cause it to explode, you must invest in a machine that can provide nitrogen with a purity grade of at least 98% or 99%.

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