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Why Choose Armstrong

  • Innovative technologies
  • Reliable and proven
  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective

Product Specifications

  • Zero-loss level sensing auto drain built into all devices
  • Maximum operating temperature of +70°C for service unit drains
  • EC-type examination certification for special requirement units, making them suitable for use in explosive environments
  • Performance range of standard units when installed on a certain device:
    • Compressor: 6.5 m³/min to 1400 m³/min
    • Refrigeration dryer: 13 m³/min to 2800 m³/min
    • Filter: 65 m³/min to 1300 m³/min
  • Performance range of service units when installed on a certain device:
    • Compressor: 2.5 m³/min to 10 m³/min
    • Refrigeration dryer: 5 m³/min to 20 m³/min
    • Filter: 25 m³/min to 100 m³/min

With a BEKOMAT® drain in your compressed air system, you can reduce energy costs and losses while keeping compressed air sufficiently dry.

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