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Build a Reliable Compressed Air System With Quality Armstrong Products

Our team at Compresstech Resources, Inc. has served clients across
various industries over the years. On top of providing them with
excellent customer service, we have helped them procure Armstrong
products, including air dryers and compressors in the Philippines. From
procurement to maintenance, we can be your trusted partner when it
comes to industrial-grade machines.

Why Choose Armstrong

Armstrong is a well-known provider of compressor systems that utilize the latest technology to ensure quiet and smooth operation. Aside from this, these machines possess the following traits:

Premium Quality

Air compressors are one of the most critical machines in most facilities. They power different tools, help move products on conveyor belts, enable ventilation systems, and more. If you want to ensure that your work is progressing at a steady pace, you need to invest in a premium-quality Armstrong air compressor in the Philippines.



Buying high-quality yet affordable air compressors is an investment that will pay off in the future. These machines help automate various processes, reducing the time and effort required to reach a specific output. Plus, with proper usage and maintenance, they can last for several years.


Numerous Accreditations

With numerous accreditations from international standards across the globe, Armstrong is a product provider dedicated to ensuring quality. You won’t have to worry about their machines malfunctioning due to faulty components. Each product goes through extensive quality control to ensure it can function in optimum condition.

Armstrong Products Compresstech Offers

Compresstech Resources, Inc. has partnered with Armstrong to provide
companies in the Philippines with the following products:

Rotary Air Compressors

Known for their reliability and energy efficiency, Armstrong rotary air compressors can help meet your
constant air demands. Rotary screw-type models are best for industrial applications with higher
capacity ranges. In contrast, scroll-type variants are ideal for smaller-range applications where
simpler and quieter machines are preferred. With proper maintenance and handling, these products
will last for years.

Piston Air Compressors

Armstrong piston (reciprocating) air compressors are specifically designed for continuous reliability
and safe operation. This machine uses the principles of displacement to increase the pressure of the
gas. Depending on your needs, you can get a single-acting, double-acting, oil-lubricated, or oil-free
model for your company. These devices are definitely worth the investment since they can be placed
near the point of use, effectively avoiding lengthy piping runs and pressure drops.

Air Treatment Solutions

It is integral that your compressor produces clean and dry air at all times to ensure that nothing is
compromised within your company’s production process. This is why many choose to invest in
Armstong air treatment solutions. By helping prevent pollution, corrosion, leakages, and rust, these
devices can ensure low energy costs and continuous operation. You can also get aftercoolers, air
filters, and other products depending on your budget and location.

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