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Why Choose INMATEC Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

  • Get the supply of Nitrogen and Oxygen you need at any time and place.
  • Take advantage of the latest networking technology with INMATEC’s touch control panel.
  • Gain cost-effective benefits with industrial gases generators that operate at a low cost.
  • Experience the convenience brought by sophisticated and reliable technology.
  • Eliminate hazards and risk of explosion.
  • Exact purity for every application.
  • Generate gases with exact purity that is suited for every type of application.

Product Specifications

  • Made In GERMANY
  • Nitrogen or Oxygen Generation Up To 99.9999% N2 Purity
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology
  • With Multilingual User Friendly Touch Control Panel
  • Remote Control Via PC or iPad
  • Long Term Data Storage