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High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor

Find high pressure reciprocating compressors that adhere to

industry standards and engineering excellence.

About High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor

Compresstech is a reliable supplier of reciprocating compressor high pressure to offer dependable products and solutions for our clients and the industries we serve in the Philippines.

Produced by top manufacturers, our products were made while being particular about quality and engineering excellence to ensure that the units that we release will be able to live up to client expectations and perform exceptionally even in the harshest, most hostile and demanding environments.

Find a reciprocating compressor high pressure from the best industry brands, including GD Belliss & Morcom, fusheng FS Curtis, Boge Pet Design, and Armstrong High Pressure Reciprocating Compressors.

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Model Specifications

  • Oil-Free Compressors for Bottle Blowing
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • Ranging from 125Hp to 737Hp
  • Maximum 40 barg pressure
  • Small Compact Footprint
  • Direct Drive Shaftless Motor
  • Simple Installation
  • Balanced Operation
  • Single Compressor Block
  • Half Load Capability
  • Robust Construction


Model Specifications

  • Oil-Free, double acting, watercooled
  • Reciprocating Type with “L” design configuration
  • Low rpm speed
  • 90kw to 315 kw drive motor
  • Variable Frequency Drive available as option
  • With closed loop cooling tower
  • High pressure dryer, receiver, pre & after filters, included


Model Specifications

  • Reciprocating Double Acting
  • Oil-Free Air Compressor
  • Three-Stage, Watercooled
  • Wide Range of Operation
  • Ranging from 75Hp to 200Hp
  • Maximum 40 barg pressure
  • Semi and fully automatic control system
  • Cooling water loss protection system
  • Off-load tarting design
  • Remote control function available (optional)


Model Specifications

  • FLEXPET System
  • Ranging from 20Hp to 220Hp
  • Max. Pressure 40 bars
  • Tailor-made range products for every requirement
  • Energy saving adaptation to the actual compressed air requirement
  • Possible to have a frequency   controlled base load machine
  • Down time for repairs are reduced to a minimum.