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Find a Reliable Nitrogen Generator Supplier in the Philippines for Your Business Needs


Known as the most abundant element on Earth, nitrogen is a colorless and odorless gas with plenty of applications in various industries. The problem, however, is that nitrogen exists with a lot of other elements in the atmosphere, and it’s pretty much impossible to isolate it without the help of modern technology. Nitrogen generators are now used by different facilities worldwide to produce the gas without any impurities caused by the presence of other elements.

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Why Do People Need Nitrogen?

There isn’t any shortage of nitrogen on Earth. In fact, about 78 percent of the world’s atmosphere is nitrogen. Its isolation in the mid- to late 1700s can be credited to many people, but Daniel Rutherford, a Scottish botanist, is the most commonly recognized scientist to discover the element.

Aside from being the most abundant gas on Earth, nitrogen is also popularly known as one of the most versatile elements. It is still commonly used to produce fertilizers and explosives, but its applications have generally evolved and increased as technology flourished. With the invention of nitrogen generators, isolating the gas has become much easier, so it paved the way for more industries to use it for their operations.

Nitrogen generators are used by businesses across many industries. With this machine, companies can save a lot because they can produce their own nitrogen instead of purchasing new gas cylinders every time. In the food and beverage industry, the equipment is vital in improving the quality of their brews.

Metal manufacturers also require nitrogen to help minimize the risks of explosions and improve their production processes. This gas is injected into the furnace to degas the liquid metal thereby avoiding the formation of bubbles in blast furnaces.

Meanwhile, semiconductor manufacturers need nitrogen since it is crucial in producing higher-quality semiconductors. The gas helps displace oxygen from production tools and semiconductor wafers to ensure they’re free from contaminants that could affect the manufacturing process.

If you need nitrogen for your business, it’s advisable to get your own machine that can produce it. Contact us at Compresstech Resources, Inc., and we can provide you with the equipment you might require for the process. We are a nitrogen generator supplier in the Philippines, and we sell our products to companies in different parts of the country. Reach out to us today for more information!

What Is a Nitrogen Generator?

As the name suggests, nitrogen generators are machines that produce nitrogen gas, which can be used for a wide range of applications. Before the equipment became prominent across various industries, businesses would purchase gas cylinders to get the amount of nitrogen they needed for their processes. Doing this, however, has plenty of disadvantages, including high expenses and major delays when there isn’t enough supply in the market.

That’s why owners of large manufacturing companies decided to produce their own nitrogen by buying a piece of equipment for themselves. Today, big businesses that require a lot of nitrogen have their own generators. Nitrogen gas cylinders are still popular, but their primary consumers are small factories and manufacturers.

Do you need a new nitrogen gas generator for your company? Never hesitate to contact us at Compresstech Resources, Inc. We offer cost-saving nitrogen machine prices, as well as consultations about our products. This means you can rest assured that every peso you spend on your equipment will be worth it. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the products we offer.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

The atmosphere is composed of a plethora of gases, and nitrogen is just one of them. Nitrogen generators are responsible for filtering out other elements and isolating nitrogen from normal air. The process often used to achieve this feat is called pressure swing adsorption, more commonly known as PSA. Here’s how this technology typically works:

• Normal air is loaded into the machine.

• The machine will direct the air into its components that contain adsorption materials.

• The adsorption materials will trap oxygen molecules, along with other air components, thereby effectively separating nitrogen.

• The isolated nitrogen gas will be collected for various applications in different industries.

PSA technology remains widely used when generating nitrogen out of normal air. This process, after all, offers quite a lot of benefits, such as:

• High-Quality Yield – PSA nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen in varying purity levels. The highest quality of gas it can make is over 99 percent pure nitrogen, which is needed in several industries, such as food and beverage production and plastic molding.

• Reliability and Durability – Machines that work through PSA are generally durable and don’t get damaged quickly. The equipment can even last for over a decade, as long as it is properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer, there are units that can run 24/7 without experiencing any internal and external issues. This feature is ideal for companies that require large amounts of nitrogen for their operations.

• Heavy-Duty – Most PSA nitrogen generators can produce large quantities of the gas over a short period. The purity level of nitrogen will slightly be diminished, but it can still be used for different applications, such as tire inflation.

• Energy Efficiency – Producing large amounts of nitrogen in a short span of time overworks the machine and causes it to emit unnecessary heat. When this happens, it will also consume a large amount of energy. To avoid this problem, some PSA nitrogen generators for sale allow the user to configure the machine and make it work at a much slower pace. Doing so prevents the machine from generating too much heat and consuming a lot of energy in the process.

• Return of Investment – It’s true that PSA machines can be expensive, but the overall nitrogen generator price can easily be earned again. You will spend quite a lot on the equipment, but you will save more in the long run.

These are just some of the advantages of using a PSA nitrogen generation machine. Do you need this equipment for your company? Reach out to us at Compresstech Resources, Inc. today. We offer reliable nitrogen generators for sale to help you meet your business needs. Contact us for more information!

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