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Providing Durable and Efficient Roots Blowers in the Philippines!

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Providing Durable and Efficient Roots Blowers in the Philippines!


Today, roots blowers are used in a wide range of industries in the Philippines. These machines generate constant airflows that can be adjusted to a variety of discharge pressures. At Compresstech Resources, we offer high-quality roots blowers from trusted industry suppliers to help your company in an array of tasks and operations.

In this article, we will discuss everything about roots blower in the Philippines. So, make sure to keep on reading for more information.

What Are Roots Blowers?

Blowers are mainly used for airflow, which is required for heating, cooling, ventilating, and other processes. Although each unit is different, with most having a fan-like apparatus in their designs. Some blowers even use pressure pumps to move gases.

In addition to this, blowers can be used to increase airflow. They can also divert dangerous gases to decontamination areas or remove unwanted byproducts in some cases.

Commonly referred to as air blowers or positive displacement blowers, roots blowers are valveless displacement compressors. Each unit has two rotors that spin in opposite directions. When the compression chamber meets the outlet port, compressed air flows back into the housing from the pressure side. The volume of the compression chamber then decreases with continued rotation, which causes further compression.

What Are the Uses of Roots Blowers in the Philippines?

Roots blowers play a vital role in many manufacturing and processing systems in the Philippines. Although its applications are limited to low- and medium-pressure and vacuum processes, various industries still use them.

These machines function as a pump in some cases, effectively moving air or fluid without compressing it. They are essential in bulk material handling and dust collection systems that involve pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum cleaning, and dust filtering. Some industries where they are vital include:

Cement Industry

Roots blowers are used in pneumatic conveyors to transfer dry and power materials, such as raw meal, cement, kiln dust, and limestone. They are also used to blend raw meal, aerate cement, and blow air into kilns and burners for combustion.

Environmental Industry

With a wide range of applications in the environmental industry, roots blowers can help with wastewater treatment, biogas recovery and recirculation, soil remediation, and drinking water purification.

Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industry

To transfer granular materials, such as flour, sugar, salt, and spices, vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying is required. Oil-free roots blowers supply air to many food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Marine Industry

Mainly used for marine diesel supercharging, root blowers provide air supply to bubbler systems on icebreakers and other Arctic-duty vessels. They pump inert gas for fuel tank blanketing in tanker shops and power emergency steering and braking systems. Aside from this, they are also used to load and unload dry bulk material ships and barges with pneumatic conveying systems.

Mining Industry

Roots blowers are used to pneumatic convey dry bulk materials and provide air for oxidation processes and other refining applications. Furthermore, they are also extensively used in the mining of most materials, such as copper, nickel, gold, and diamonds.

Power Generation Industry

Mainly used in material handling and pollution control processes, roots blowers are used to pneumatic convey fly-ash and lime in both vacuum and pressure points. They also play a critical role in flue gas desulphurization (oxidation).

By using roots blowers, businesses can maximize their productivity and efficiency. If you’re looking for a reliable roots blower provider, please check out Compresstech Resources’ website for more details. You can be sure that all our products are compact, sturdy, and reliable.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Roots Blower?

Easy to Install

Compresstech Resources’ roots blowers are easy to install, making them an excellent choice for vacuum or pressure applications that require on-site setup. Aside from this, our blowers’ compact designs are built for convenience without sacrificing quality or dependability.

Highly Durable

Roots blowers’ rugged and durable structure enables them to work under challenging conditions for extended periods. Their long-term dependability also means that you won’t have to worry about system failures or parts that need to be replaced any time soon.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Positive displacement blowers give way to a multitude of efficient and compact solutions. They start up fast, have low power consumption, and produce minimal operation and maintenance costs.


Roots blowers only have two moving parts (i.e., rotors) that are identical in size. However, depending on your needs, you may also get various accessories that can complement your device. These include suction and discharge silencers, tubular diffusers, biofilters, single and dual membrane disc diffusers, and more.

How Do You Choose the Best Roots Blower for You?

With the different brands of roots blowers available in the market today, some may find it hard to choose which one would suit them best. There are many factors you should consider before buying one. Take note of the following before making your next big purchase:

Motor Speed

Ensure that the speed at which the gears revolve, as well as its total horsepower, is compatible with your system’s requirements. Most recommend a speed under 1700RPM since any higher than this number will also increase your machine’s risk of damage.

When the impeller rotates rapidly, it also produces a lot of wear. In addition, if ever some particles get stuck in the middle of the impeller, high speeds may cause damage to the seal as well as the blower.


Choose roots blowers that are made with specific materials or configurations that help limit noise output. When your device is running, it produces both a rotating and a vortex noise.

A rotating noise is caused by the circumferential, uneven airflow and the volute when the impeller rotates. On the other hand, a vortex noise is caused by the fan rotating.


The correct and effective regulation of temperature within the system is critical to the efficient performance of roots blowers. So make sure to take note of the amount of heat generated when you’re using your device.

Double-check the installation thoroughly before starting the blower for the first time to reduce the likelihood of any problems. Then, when the temperature is too high, and you can’t seem to find the cause, you can take a look at the following:

  • Inlet blockages cause improper circulation of air.
  • Belt slippage causes friction between the belt and pulley.
  • Internal damages may cause impeller or gear friction.

Pressure and Flow Rate

Roots blowers’ pressure ratings are measured in kPa. To properly assess which one fits your needs, you must first determine the required amount of pressure and volume in your system and indicate their performance compared to the flow.

The capacity of these machines can go up to 20.000 lit/s. Roots blowers can be used in two stages, with their compression ratios going up to 2.5.

Equipment Price and Maintenance Costs

You must consider both the cost of the roots blower and its maintenance. Keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best one. Everybody wants to save money, but there are some areas where we should not cut corners. After all, it is always worth spending money on your equipment to make sure that it lasts long.

Where Can You Buy Roots Blowers in the Philippines?

If you’re looking for roots blowers that are designed to meet your task requirements in the industrial sector, then Compresstech Resources can help you!

We offer roots blowers, lubrication equipment, fluid handling pumps, air tools, and more. With more than 34 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for providing our clients with expert support and dependable solutions.

Roots Blowers for Sale in the Philippines

Compresstech Resources’ sturdy and efficient roots blowers can help you with various mechanical operations in the Philippines. We work with clients in different industries, consistently providing them with superior products for their specific needs. As one of the leading suppliers of roots blowers in the country, our company is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all your expectations.

We offer heavy-duty roots blowers that can provide you with innovative solutions. Choose from our variety of products below:

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Compresstech Resources takes great pride in offering various blowers from top brands. Through strict quality control, we make sure that all the items we offer meet your expectations. Contact us today to get a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions about Roots Blower

in the Philippines

How Does a Roots Blower Work?

Roots blowers are made of two impellers known as lobes or rotors. A fixed amount of gas is trapped as the lobes rotate in opposite directions. It is also unique as it is also a positive displacement lobe pump that pumps fluid with a pair of lobes resembling stretched gears.

Furthermore, roots blowers heavily rely on the isochoric compression principle, also known as external compression. The pressure is raised by intermittently introducing a gaseous, medium-like atmospheric air into the system.

What Is the Fundamental Principle of a Roots Blower?

The basic principle of the roots blower is as follows: the process begins with air flowing from the inlet port into the element chamber. Then, the timed rotation of the rotors against the chamber wall creates an airflow direction.

Since there is still atmospheric pressure in these chambers, once the first lobe passes the opening to the pressure side, the system pressure is adjusted. The rotors then seal each other off to the inside to prevent any changes in pressure.

What Is a Blower Performance Curve?

The performance curve for roots blowers is a crucial design data that helps you choose the most appropriate blower for a new line or assess and troubleshoot an existing line. A typical blower performance curve will note the blower speed, airflow, required power, and temperature elevation.

Engineers usually have to assess and tune an existing line with little to no data available. Using the performance data of the blower, they can calculate the airflow rate and air velocity in the line as well as the solids loading ratio. These figures are all important as they help in the evaluation of a line.

How Do I Reduce Roots Blower Noise?

Installing a muffler at the blower’s air inlet and exhaust port can reduce the noise lever of roots blowers. You should also regularly lubricate your device to reduce friction between components. Lastly, investing in materials that can provide superb sound insulation is also recommended.

How Do You Maintain the Quality of Your Roots Blower?

To protect yourself from possible repair costs and ensure that your device is performing at its best, you should regularly conduct maintenance checks. Always pay close attention to the air pressure, current consumption, temperature, rotating direction, wind level, and vibrations of your roots blower.

One should also conduct periodic checks on the different parts of your roots blower. The components that need to be examined include the lubricant of the gearbox and bearing, the one-way and safety valve, and the cleanliness of the silencer.

Each section of the unit needs to be inspected a few times a year. The duration would depend as some need to be scrutinized every three or six months, while others need to be checked every year.

Who Invented the First Roots Blower?

In the 1850s, Philander Higley Roots and Francis Marios Roots made the first roots blower. The Roots brothers were able to build the first roots blower prototype purely on accident.

The Roots brothers first created a water motor with lobe impellers made of wood to improve their water wheel. However, this caused the motor to jam when they first used it underwater.

While examining their creation on dry land, one of them rotated a shaft, which caused the impellers to spin in the air. They realized then that their creation could be used to blow air that can help met iron with the proper adjustments.

What is Blower Turndown?

Blower turndown is the operating range of a blower or blower system. Typically expressed as a percentage, typical blower turndown is 25% to 60%. However, one should note that these figures are highly dependent on the blower type you have.               

How Much Is a Roots Blower in the Philippines?

The price of roots blowers varies per company in the Philippines. The rates also depend on the model and product specifications. When you choose Compresstech Resources, you can be sure that our products are available at competitive prices.


Roots blowers are essential pieces of equipment that compress air. They are widely used in various industries, such as mining, packaging, pharmaceutics, pneumatic conveying, power generation, textile, and more.

Although it has been decades since its creation, the primary advancement in roots blowers, as well as lobe technology in general, continues to this date. Each new model that is mainly created focuses on noise reduction and efficiency.

Compresstech Resources is a trusted compressed air supplier in the Philippines. Backed by professionalism and integrity, we strive to become a worthy resource that can support the continued growth of our customers. You can be sure that our products are durable and energy saving when you choose us for your next project.