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How Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors Can Impact your Business

How Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors Can Impact your Business

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors are becoming a popular choice in many industries. It is a common choice among companies who are looking into lowering their energy costs. But that is just one important aspect of the VSD air compressor. There are other benefits that you need to know to understand how this type of compressor can impact your business.

Here’s an article from Compresstech, a leading supplier of high-quality air compressors in the Philippines, that presents facts about the importance of a VSD air compressor.

What is a VSD Air Compressor?

A variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor has the capacity to control the supplied frequency to the drive motor of your compressed air system based on what is currently demanded. A VSD air compressor’s motor will reduce its speed if the demand is low. Speed is also higher when real-time demand for compressed air increases. Such ability helps regulate energy consumption and control energy costs too.

The ability of a VSD air compressor to adjust the amount of power used according to CFM demand in real-time, results in significant advantages, especially if your compressed air needs differ over the course of a shift, day or season. Read on to learn about its benefits.

The Benefits of a VSD Air Compressor

Reduce Your Energy Costs

VSD compressor can impact your energy consumption. It only consumes the energy required by your compressed air system at a given time. It allows effective use of energy to reduce your power consumption. This is especially useful for industries with varying compressed air system requirements in their facilities.

Eliminate Large Spikes

Eliminate Large Spikes

With a VSD air compressor, you’ll have lower starting currents unlike Fixed Speed air compressors with large spikes of currents that can go as high as 600%. A VSD air compressor can reduce amperage peaks by automatically controlling acceleration and deceleration levels. As a result, this minimizes the pressure placed on your internal power distribution.

Get Consistent Pressure Discharge

A VSD air compressor is equipped with electronic controls and can operate with much tighter tolerances. This allows your system to have a more consistent pressure discharge for all applications used during plant operations. As a result, you will be able to operate your compressed air system even at low delivery pressures and still maintain its minimum working pressure requirement.

Ensure System Longevity

Ensure System Longevity

An optimized motor speed and system performance are possible with the motor used by a VSD air compressor. It allows mechanical and electrical components to function with reduced stress which helps prolong the life of your system while also keeping its downtime low.

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For companies with varying compressed air requirements over a period of time, there are significant benefits that can be taken advantage of with a VSD air compressor. Huge energy savings and optimized operations are just some of the advantages guaranteed to bring improvements to your business.

Compresstech Resources Inc. offers compressed air systems with fixed and variable speed drives from trusted industry brands such as Armstrong, Gardner Denver, and Ingersoll Rand

If you’re not yet sure if you should upgrade to a VSD air compressor now, you can send us your inquiry so our specialists can assist you in finding the compressed air system that meets your operational requirements.