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How to Prevent Compressed Air Contamination in Your Food Facility

How to Prevent Compressed Air Contamination in Your Food Facility

In the food processing and food packaging industry, compressed air is an essential utility. However, to effectively perform its purpose, it is a must to ensure that compressed air is free of contaminants. Your system can be the potential cause of contamination in your facility once you fail to maintain your system properly. 

As one of the reputable suppliers of high-quality compressed air systems in the food industry, Compresstech, shares some key points that will help prevent compressed air contamination in your food facility.


How to Maintain a Contaminant-Free Compressed Air Systems


Basically, your compressed air systems must be contaminant-free. Contaminants being referred to include:

  • Water vapor and moisture
  • Sold particles
  • Oil aerosols and vapors

A major concern is to ensure the absence of moisture as this may become the breeding ground of microorganisms and fungus. Once they come into contact with food products, the integrity of your product is compromised. 

The good news is, there are ways to prevent this. 


1. Maintain a moisture-free air. It is a must to keep the air as dry as possible before circulating it through your plant. Ideally, dew point level should be at -40 F. A large dryer can be used to achieve this level of dryness.

TIP: SUTO offers dew point monitors and sensors that can help keep your compressed air system in check and ensure that it is within the correct temperature specification.


2. Choose the right air filtration system. In food plants, a two-stage filtration system is a minimum requirement but there are also those that may require a three-stage filter system. Using the right air filtration system is important to prevent microorganisms from contaminating the air that travels through your facility. It is also ideal to install it as close as possible to the point of use. 

Ideally, a filter must be installed at the final stage of point-of-use filtration. It is also important to ensure that air filters used can drain liquids continuously and can catch microorganisms and oils.


3. Ensure strict monitoring and regular maintenance. You can maintain a contaminant-free compressed air system by making sure that dryers and filters are properly functioning. Invest in the right devices that will protect your facility and contribute to the improvement of food quality and safety.


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In the food industry where there should be no room for contamination, you must take preventive measures to ensure air quality is within the ideal range. 


Compresstech offers energy-efficient and reliable air dryers and filters to help keep your system free from unwanted elements and to allow filtration of solid particles, moisture and oil. With a strong filtration system, you are able to maintain the integrity of your facility while improving the quality of the products you produce.


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