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4 Basic Facts about Desiccant Dryers

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Does your task require high quality of air? A desiccant dryer would be your essential tool. This compressed air dryer effectively reduces moisture in your compressed air. They are very useful especially in processes that require extremely low dew points.

Desiccant dryers set dew points at a dependable level to meet the air quality required for the processing of food, pharmaceutical products and other demanding systems. 

Want to know more? Compresstech Resources, Inc., one of the leading suppliers of reliable air instrumentation tools in the Philippines, shares in this article the key facts that will give you a better understanding of desiccant dryers. 

The Facts You Need to Know About Desiccant Dryers

1. Desiccant Dryers Ensure Moisture Removal

Desiccant Dryers Ensure Moisture Removal

Basically, desiccant dryers are essential in drying moist air. The desiccant of your compressed air is saturated with water due to the accumulation of moisture in your system. This will then require regeneration in order to restore its drying capability. Desiccant dryers come with a built-in regeneration cycle, which is affected by factors such as time, dew point, bed moisture load or everything combined.

2. They Serve Important Functions

They Serve Important Functions

Clean and dry air is critical for a range of processes. In this case, you’ll need a reliable compressed air dryer. Compresstech offers reliable desiccant dryers from reputable brands including Armstrong, Ingersoll-Rand and Bekomat to ensure efficient and optimal drying.

To give you a better understanding of them, highlighted below are the key roles that emphasize the importance of a desiccant dryer:

  • Desiccant dryers are designed to lessen the moisture that may be present in your compressed air system in order to meet your need for clean and dry air.
  • For applications that require exceptional air quality or even those that require very low dew point, desiccant dryers would be your dependable choice.
  • They are most useful for highly demanding industries including but not limited to food processing and pharmaceuticals.

3. Desiccant Dryers Require Proper Maintenance

Desiccant Dryers Require Proper Maintenance

As the main function of desiccant dryers is to remove moisture from the process air stream, it is important to ensure proper maintenance for optimal functioning. Regular filter maintenance should help keep it free from contaminants. Blower maintenance on the other hand will facilitate proper drying after moisture removal.

Compresstech Resources Inc. offers maintenance services to ensure the efficient operations of your systems.

4. Signs for Replacement Must be Checked

Desiccant beads may break down and may no longer be effective in moisture removal. Usually, desiccant beads are replaced every two years, but there are also signs that tell when it’s already time to replace them.

  • Dew point measurement of processed air doesn’t reach -40˚
  • Results don’t improve even when filters are replaced or cleaned
  • Desiccant beads are easily crushed with your fingers

Air instrumentation tools like the SUTO S212 Dew Point Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases helps in monitoring the performance of desiccant dryers. It allows easy installation and delivers highly accurate results even in rough applications. With dependable air instrumentation tools, you can be confident that moisture removal in your system is not compromised.

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Compresstech Resources Inc. is a trusted supplier of SUTO air instrumentation tools like the S212. Check out our product selection to find the right device that meets your operational requirements.