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5 Tips to Ensure Compressed Air Efficiency

5 Tips to Ensure Compressed Air Efficiency

Compressed air efficiency is important especially to ensure that your maintenance costs are kept to the minimum. The good news is, there are key solutions that you can adapt, to effectively manage and control your system costs for the long term.

Compresstech Resources, Inc. as a trusted supplier of highly dependable air compressors in the Philippines, shares some helpful tips to guide you in managing your system.


5 Ways to Ensure Compressed Air Efficiency


1. Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Needs

Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Needs

One of the major factors that affect compressed air efficiency is the equipment size. You have to find the air compressor that matches your load requirements. By doing so, you will be able to unnecessary energy consumption. It will also prevent your equipment to work harder which may lead to higher power consumption.

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2. Take Advantage of Large Storage Receivers

It is ideal to install 5 and 10 gallons per cfm rating. Addition of secondary receivers as needed will also help maintain balance when pressures fluctuate and can significantly increase the efficiency of your air compressor without using up electricity.


3. Dry the Air Properly

Dry the Air Properly

Two of the most common methods to dry compressed air is through refrigerated and desiccant drying. When using a desiccant drying, it is important to prevent excessive drying of your compressed air as this will lead to higher costs. Use the dryer for the air that should have very low dew points. You can also prevent unnecessary purge costs with the help of a dew point controller.


4. Maintain Low Pressure

When a compressed air system’s pressure is high, the operating costs will also increase. This occurs because higher power is consumed for every psi increase in air pressure. This may also lead to system leaks and unregulated use of compressed air. In general, a pressure loss of less than 10 psi is considered optimum. While a pressure loss of more than 20 psi could be an indicator of a pressure loss problem.


5. Monitor Your Air Compressor

Monitor Your Air Compressor

You cannot really tell if your compressed air system is efficient without monitoring it. It is ideal to use air instrumentation tools that can help you manage and measure your compressed air efficiency. Without the right tools for monitoring, you will be lost in properly operating your system. It will also keep you from maintaining your system’s optimal condition.



SUTO has been consistent in producing innovative air instrumentation devices for compressed air systems & gases including data loggers, air purity analyzer, flow and consumption sensor, flow meter, dew point sensors and a lot more.


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