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New Normal After CoVid-19: 5 Ways Filipino Businesses Can Adapt to the Pandemic

New Normal After CoVid-19: 5 Ways Filipino Businesses Can Adapt to the Pandemic

While other countries are still struggling with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, other places, including the Philippines, have begun to ease lockdown restrictions. After President Rodrigo Duterte announced a relaxed General Community Quarantine over Metro Manila and other provinces, many businesses are reopening in order to jumpstart the plummeting economy.

However, before companies can resume “normal” operations again, you need to think about what’s next and how to move forward safely. You must carefully adapt to the new changes in order to remain afloat during this post-pandemic world.

To guide you, here are 5 ways to safely handle your business reopening as restrictions are lifted across the country.


5 Essential Tips on How Businesses Can Handle Covid-19 Reopening


1. Continue a Remote Working Arrangement

As a business owner, your first and foremost priority is the safety of both your employees and customers.

So, if possible, you should continue work-from-home operations to further prevent the spread of CoVid-19 during these uncertain periods.

For some businesses that are permitted to reopen their doors but don’t have enough means (cash flow, employees, etc.), you may consider scaling back your operations. Doing so would also minimize the risk of infection as you limit the number of employees and customers at your physical stores.

You may also want to look into an Anti-virus Fogging Machine that disperses small droplets of disinfectant at a higher pressure. This helps sanitize entire surfaces in your office and combat CoVid-19. Contact Compresstech to learn more about this machine!


2. Consider Online Security

If you’re able to operate remotely during the pandemic and plan to continue the work-from-home arrangement for the long-term, you should place importance on cybersecurity.

During this pandemic, scammers are more rampant than ever and your business might be their target. To protect your enterprise, you should utilize your employees as the first line of defense against these hackers.

For instance, you can put security solutions such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure sensitive business and consumer data. You may also want to look into limiting company-wide file access as well as changing your passwords occasionally.

Overall, this would help safeguard your business from cyberattacks.


3. Follow Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

For other businesses that are not lucky to employ remote work arrangements, the relaxing of restrictions is the chance to bounce back and resume halted operations.

However, before you fully reopen, you should abide by occupational health and safety laws as well as public health requirements by your local government. This typically includes the following infection-control actions:

  • Rearrange workplace layout to practice social distancing between employees
  • Limit “third party” visitors to the workplace (e.g. clients, customers, etc.)
  • Restrict meetings or gatherings
  • Ensure that employees are wearing personal protective equipment (e.g. face masks, goggles, etc.)
  • List down the people who enter the premises to help contact tracing by public health officials if necessary
  • Require employees to disclose if they are experiencing any symptoms of CoVid-19
  • Increase sanitation measures (e.g. provide alcohol, disinfect surfaces daily, etc.)

With that said, you can go beyond these safety measures to ensure that all your employees are protected against possible workplace hazards.

Compresstech’s Anti-Virus Fogging Machine, for instance, can cover your entire office and disinfect it with smaller droplets of the disinfecting agent. Another machine that can combat CoVid-19 is the Medical Air Sterilizer. This kills 99.98% of all germs and contaminants in your workspace without the harmful ozone side effects.

So, instead of simply providing rubbing alcohol to the office, you can also invest in disinfectant machines that help you sanitize the whole establishment with ease.


Lastly, keep your employees updated about public health directives and orders in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


4. Assess Your Business Needs

Now that you have determined the new safety precautions and protocols your business needs to follow, you can now assess your operational needs. 

Like countless businesses, you might be suffering from limited funds. If so, you should discuss your cash flow and reserves with your accountant. Talking to a professional would give you an idea of how your finances can be spent.

You may also be facing problems with limited staff as a result of the restricted budget. However, during this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to understand your current situation. Accept that you may not be able to bring your operations to full capacity right away. Instead, you can slowly re-hire your employees as soon as your business picks up again.

Overall, it’s only normal to encounter a few challenges as you reopen your business. But in order to get things moving as smoothly as possible, you should be aware of your needs and tackle them one by one.


5. Keep Open Communication

Here in Compresstech Resources Inc., we know how important communication is. We always respond quickly not only to our employees but also to our customers and suppliers. We take pride in our capability to serve everyone’s needs whenever and wherever in the Philippines.

Communication is always the key in business operations, especially now with the current CoVid-19 situation.

You should talk to all the people interacting with your business—employees, customers, suppliers—and set clear goals and expectations.

For instance, you can have an honest conversation with your employees regarding their payroll. You might also want to encourage new ideas within the management. Who knows? Maybe some of your employees have suggestions that can help you do things differently.

In addition, you should explain your current situation to your suppliers or landlords. This might even help you stretch payment, especially if you have really limited funds.

Lastly, be transparent to your customers and keep them updated on how your business is holding up. Simply creating and sharing a FAQ document would instantly provide specific answers to your customers’ queries.


As the Philippines eases lockdown in several cities and provinces, many local businesses have already reopened their establishments without giving a mere second thought on what can happen in the future. Don’t be like them! Make sure to keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure both your safety and success in this unpredictable “new normal” situation.


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Compresstech Resources Inc., a reputable supplier of air compressors in the Philippines, recommends these reopening tips to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. We also offer the Armstrong Medical Air Sterilizers and an anti-virus fogger machine that businesses can use for proper disinfection of their workplaces. Contact us today to learn more about these products!

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