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Repair or Replace? What to Do When Your Air Compressor is Failing

There are many reasons as to why air compressors fail. It may be due to broken parts or wear and tear over a period of time. Whatever the scenario is, the dilemma that you are left to face is whether or not to repair or replace your air compressor. There are certainly indications whether or not an air compressor is repairable. But if there is too much to be done, sometimes the more economical choice is to replace it. Here are the indications that you need to look out for. 


Repair or Replace: What to Look for When Your Air Compressors Fail


Air Compressor Repair: Common Minor Fixes 

There are certain factors that make air compressors qualified for repair only. If the air compressor has never experienced failure before, it could indicate that whatever happened could use a small fix. However, this could also mean that the compressor has worn out due to time. But if your air compressor is quite new, then repairing it could be the better option.

  • Air leakage is one of the common problems that can be repaired. It can occur in the oil fill tube, the tank valve, or the hood. Once pinpointed, you can easily have the leakage patched up or replace the part. 
  • Air compressors that blow fuses and breakers are often those that overheat. This could be due to them being connected to extension cords that deprive them of sufficient energy. It can also indicate an old motor, which should be replaced for efficiency and safety purposes.
  • When your machine is slowly dying down and is not working to its full capacity, it could indicate that the airflow is obstructed or there is less air pressure coming from your machine. You could have a faulty gasket or faulty pump on your hands.
  • Besides not having enough air pressure, air compressors that refuse to start upon switching may have a simpler fix than you think. Sometimes, it is merely the switch of the air compressor that doesn’t work. Replacing this will make it good as new. Another oversight would be a disconnected power cord, which may be due to the placement of the machine or the chord itself.


Air Compressor Replacement: Why You May Need a New Machine

Buying a replacement air compressor may cost you much more compared to repairing it. However, this is the more economically sound choice when your air compressor is no longer in its best shape. Old compressors are most likely worn out due to exhaustion or longtime use. When your machine breaks down multiple times after several repairs, this is the greatest sign that you are in need of a replacement air compressor. 


The general rule of thumb is to replace your compressor if you have to spend up to 50-60% of the total cost of a new one. It may cost less to repair, but if your air compressor will be prone to more failure within the next few months, you might as well have bought a new one. 


Properly assess your choice of action of whether or not it is a sustainable decision for your company. Whichever fix can supply your needs for the longterm is the best choice that you have to go for. 


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