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Air Compressor Essentials: The Importance of Lubrication Systems

Air Compressor Essentials The Importance of Lubrication Systems

Air compressors run on pressurized air systems that are capable enough to power tools and systems. Their internal functions, however, may suffer due to the force that it creates in itself. This is where lubrication systems step in, providing the maintenance solutions that an air compressor requires. 


Lubrication equipment such as pumps and grease guns are not simply add-ons or optional accessories that your air compressor can do without. They save time and money by cutting down maintenance costs and providing proper care to your systems. Here are 5 compelling reasons why air compressors require lubrication systems. 


5 Important Reasons Your Air Compressors Need Lubrication Systems 


1. Reduces Friction

The internal parts of your air compressor equipment will have the tendency to induce high amounts of pressure on itself if not lubricated. Lubrication systems reduce friction within the internal works to make sure it functions properly. Not only does it keep them from failing, but it can also increase efficiency by easing the workload done by the machine. 


2. Minimizes Corrosion 

Air compressors may wear and tear over time when maintenance is not in check. To cut down on maintenance costs, lubrication systems will properly ensure that equipment won’t overwork itself to the point of corrosion. 


3. Contributes to Cooling

One of the common concerns of air compressors is overheating. When an air compressor experiences signs of it coming to this point, it may be too late to repair it or would cost more than buying a new one. To prevent this from happening, you need to take extra measures to keep your machine cool. Lubrication contributes greatly to this, with the systems pumping oil throughout the machine to stop it from overexertion. 

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4. Keeps Contaminants Away

Lubrication systems also come with a function to help clean out the internal systems of the air compressor. They flush contaminants away from the bearings which could prolong the lifespan of the air compressor.


5. Dampens Noise

Noise and vibration may not be a normal attribute that air compressors carry. Loud sounds of the machine come from the metals of the internal parts hitting each other and sliding with high amounts of friction. Lubrication systems prevent friction, which in turn dampens the noise that the machine creates. Reducing the loud sounds may not be a factor of air compressor maintenance, but it will help workers communicate in a much quieter environment. 


In order to assure that your equipment is kept functional for a long period of time, it’s important to invest in essentials that will contribute to its maintenance long-term. While most air compressors come with their own lubrication systems built inside, it would be a wise business decision to go for the pumps for a company that utilizes air compressor systems at a much larger scale. 


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