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3 Air Compressor Problems You Need to Address Immediately

Air Compressor Problems

There are several problems that you and your air compressor may face, especially if your machine has aged over the years. However, there are some common problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. If not repaired immediately, it could leave some permanent damage to your air compressor.


If you plan to keep your air compressor well-running for a long time, then invest in these 3 major fixes right away.


3 Common Air Compressor Problems that Need a Quick Fix


1. Air Leakage

Leaks in the system will cost you energy and money, so the longer you put off to repair them, the more it will hurt you in the future. When air leaks out from the system, it makes the compressor work harder to produce energy, which will eventually wear it off. 

What to Do

Some leaks are much more detectable than others. When you can feel a leak with your fingers or hear it whistling out, soap the connections on the air compressor. If it bubbles, that is where the leak is coming from. You can either patch leaks up with Teflon tape or weld them back into shape. 


2. Blowing Fuses or Breakers

Any machine that is constantly blowing fuse-breakers requires serious evaluation. Not only is it a problem for the compressor, but it may affect your safety as well. When a fuse-breaker blows, it could be a sign that your machine is being overworked in some way. 

There are many possibilities as to why this happens. It may be because air is going through the intake valve rather than down to the tank, which will heat up the motor that, in turn, leads to a blown fuse or breaker. It may also be because you’re air compressor is plugged into an extension cord instead of the wall socket. Air compressors require a sufficient amount of energy that they may not be getting enough from extensions. There are several more possibilities as to why this is occurring, so there’s no one solution for it.

What to Do

To figure out where the problem lies, it takes some observation. Note down the possible reasons why it could be doing this and try all the possible solutions. When this problem persists, perhaps you’d need a second opinion. 


3. Air Compressor Won’t Turn On

If the switch is broken or doesn’t work the first or second time you try it, then it would be advisable not to go for a third try. If by any chance it turns on then stops immediately in the middle of work, it won’t only disrupt workflow but may damage your machine permanently. 

Sometimes it’s simply the switch that’s the problem. But the worst-case scenario is that it is overworked and needs immediate serious repair, otherwise it may no longer turn on.  

What to Do

Test things out by replacing the switch first. If it still won’t work after that, then that’s the time you need it checked out by an expert. 

Any damage to your machine will affect production and hinder progression in the workplace. So while these problems are most important to address on short notice, it is still important to constantly inspect your machine even for the smallest problems and dress them as soon as possible. The best way to prevent these problems from happening is by conducting maintenance checks every now and then to ensure your machine is running smoothly and free of potential danger. 

It is also risky to not repair your machine immediately, especially when it may compromise your safety. If you think your compressor is beyond repair (e.g. it’s old and rusty), get rid of it. But if it just needs a little revamping, then, by all means, do all you can to save it.


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