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Your Basic Guide to Air Compressor Installation

Air Compressor Installation

Installing air compressors is certainly not an easy thing to do, especially with the preparation work that comes before it. There are several considerations to make such as where it goes and how safe and secure will it be. If not installed properly, the consequences may lead to energy waste all throughout the year. You can experience unnecessary difficulties such as leaks, power surges, and other maintenance issues, and even total air compressor failure, which are truly preventable if the compressor you have had been properly taken care of in the first place.


Before getting started on your installation, check out this simple guide that may help you along the way.


A Quick Guide to Air Compressor Installation


Choosing the Right Placement



Where your air compressor goes plays a vital role, not only in terms of production but also the level of difficulty to transport it there. If you were having your air compressor delivered to you, make sure it will fit through the door or building. Take some measurements of the room and entryway and make space to accommodate it. 


If you are set for a portable air compressor, make sure you have a good, wide, and clean storage area where you can pull it out easily for your convenience.  



Temperature is crucial with working with machines like air compressors since they are very sensitive to overheating. The right temperature is nowhere in the extremes. 

  • If it’s too high, they can reduce lubricant life and will have a significant effect on cooling and condensation management.
  • If it’s too low, they may disrupt lubricant flow and create condensation, which is bad for the machine when it comes to maintenance.

The ideal temperature is usually between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10 to 30 degrees Celcius. That way, machines last longer and work much better.



Make sure that the floors are leveled. Most compressors sit on a standard concrete floor without requiring any unnecessary finishes. 


Safety and Maintenance Considerations


Power Compliance

The operating voltage should be suitable for your compressor, otherwise, a power crisis may occur.  Have a circuit breaker or fuse just in case something wrong may appear. 



Clean air is required in order for air compressors to function properly. Therefore, you need to have a clean location site. There has to be minimal dust particles surrrounding the area at all times,  so make sure there is a proper ventilation system in your chosen placement. 

With the risks that could potentially occur if you don’t install air compressors the right way, it is best to do the job right the first time around. Take this quick guide to help you with all your compressor needs.


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If you believe that the job is too big for one person to handle, then it is best you consult and hire a professional for your installation. This will ensure that you get quality work for the amount you pay for. Compresstech Resources Inc. provides an Installation service with a team of experts that can help you plan and install your compressed air system for you. For further inquiries, contact us now!