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Reasons Why Air Treatment Solutions is Essential for Your Business

Air Treatment

In order to sustain a productive workflow in your business, you need to maximize the use of your compressed air machinery. One way to increase efficiency in your equipment is ensuring that the air is at its ideal temperature and humidity. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective measure to ensure long-term use, then air treatment solutions can help you with production by improving air quality. 


With productions that require quality compressed air to function, an effective air treatment system saves energy costs by filtering and drying the air that enters your compressors. There are different types of solutions that have the ability to fulfill several of these functions. To find out more about them, here are the reasons why air treatment solutions are important to your company.       


3 Benefits of Air Treatment Solutions to Your Business


1. Manages Condensation


Condensation that occurs during air compression may cause damage to your machines over time because of the rust that could potentially accumulate in the system. Rust can cause leaks in the pipes which can consume a great deal of energy. With leaks, machines have to work harder to compensate for air loss. Rusty air compressors may also be a safety hazard as they are prone to explosions.


Air treatment equipment such as oil or water separators and condensate drains provide ways to extract the unwanted substances from your compressors. Here’s an overview of how the system functions.


Condensate Management Systems

The Oil/Water Separators do exactly what they’re named for. They separate oil and water that comes from the compressor, making the water easier to drain. 


A Condensate Drain also functions as its name implies. It drains condensate along with other contaminants in the system from the compressors without losing compressed air and without the need to shut everything down.


These types of filters function as maintenance tools that can help ease issues and improve inspection in the long run.

2. Dries Air to Lower Pressure Dew Point


Compressed air needs to be dry in order to meet a lower pressure dew point. Higher dew points make pipes prone to freezing and blockage of systems. Air treatment solutions like absorption dryers can get your compressors to meet lower dew points to control humidity and to keep your air dry.


Absorption Dryers lets humid air go through a hygroscopic material to remove moisture and produce dry air. These dryers’ desiccants often contain silica gel that can effectively lower air humidity to a pressure dew point of -40 °C, possibly to -70 °C. 

3. Cools Air to Save Other Equipment


Air needs to stay cool as well as to not overheat the machinery. Another air treatment solution that can effectively dry and cool air is the Refrigerated Type Air Dryer. 


Aside from removing humidity, this piece of machinery can cool down warm moist air to 3 degrees Celsius. All water vapor will then condense into water. The cool air is then heated to room temperature, dry enough to ensure smooth airflow.


These solutions can be essential to many industries that require compressors, supplying your equipment with much-needed filtering and drying systems. When you want to increase production and ease maintenance costs, then maybe it is time to invest in high-quality air treatment solutions. 


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